What brand of white cool roof coating is the best to buy


I am going to redo the coating on my flat Modified Bitumen Roof and I would like to know what brand is the best quality white cool roof coating. In the past I have been using silver paint every 3 years but after reading some articles the white coating seems to be a better choice and lasts longer than 3 years. Any comments would be welcome.


Have used both gaco and mulehyde silicone coatings. Most of the products are pretty similar with small differences in specs. Defiantly better than aluminum coating, but 5x the cost and need At least twice as much so can get pretty pricy.


Use fibered aluminum coating.


Can you recommend any manufacturers of the fibered aluminum paint?


I like Henry 555 it’s good stuff.


Thanks I will look at this product


Can the silicone gaco type coating be applied to flat modified bitumen roof? Had a roofer tell me only fibered is acceptable and any gaco silicon would need to be removed before new roof can be put on top.
Truth or lies?


Silicon coating can be applied to a modified roof, needs to be primed with 2 part epoxy primer to prevent bleeding. Just did one with mule hyde product. Spec was one gallon of primer and 2 gallons of silicone per 100sq ft, at 50$ a gallon it is not cheap.

Once you go silicone there is no going back. The only thing that sticks to silicone is more silicone.


Aha. So once you go silicone, you are committed to it forever. Thanks for explaining.


You asked for the best White coating but you didn’t mention a budget ,so here’s the best White costing I’ve ever used in my 32 years as a journeyman roofer/Waterproofer ,the Garland Company makes a coating Called " White Knight " and it’s the industry’s top of the line ,just getting the white coating on bares kin is like getting Firestone pours be sealer on bare skin,your wearing that shit off for months because no solvent can cut it ,white knight is an epoxy based liquid rubber that when installed with the " proper " 2 coats will leave you with a 40 to 50 mil thick solid EPDM rubber sheet attached directly to your roof ,I coated a Detroit school existing 4 ply built up roof and smooth coat with White Knight in the late 90’s and came back in 2011 to cut in 4 new HVAC curbs and the shit was still blinding white without 1 spot of coating peeling off ,you’ll pay over $200 for a 5 gallon pail but its worth every penny ,I’ve used it on brand new cap sheet roofs where HVAC units over restaurants leave grease all over the roof that eats thru the asphalt cap sheet ,the grease cannot penatrate the White Knight & can be scooped u9 .


Is white knight better than gaco silicone.

MPA mentioned once you use silicone , must always continue with silicone.

If use white knight, can we add another roof layer such as torch down 2 ply bitumen on top at a later date?

How long can white knight extend the roof life? Will it cover and seal leaks?


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