Was this done properly?


I had a new roof put on our 1930’s cape style house during a renovation project. It was sub-contracted out. The roof is complicated due to an addition that was put on the back of the house. The old roof had two layers - asphalt shingles over top of cedar shingles - no sheathing under the original cedar shingles. While in the attic I noticed that it appears they did not bring the sheathing up to the edge of a sidewall, but left the original shingles. (sorry if the wrong vocabulary is used, I am a novice) I can only add one picture since I’m new to the forum.

Any opinions would be appreciated. Many thanks!


Is there a valley there? The addition could have been framed on top of the shakes.


Yeah, I also speculate that there is something built over this area that makes removing those old shakes impossible.


Looks like all new decking was installed on top
Of a cedar shake roof.
And a couple of shakes are missing.
Not a big deal at all.
They didnt need to replace the missing shakes.
They are now obsolete.


Thanks so much for the speedy replies. It is a valley, here’s a pic from the outside.

and another shot of the interior showing showing where the wall cuts into the roof (insulation on right side)

They removed the cedar shingles on the rest of the roof, it’s a walk in attic and you can see the sheathing throughout the attic. it’s just the cedar shingles on the lower half of that one part of the roof.