Using old painted 1 by 12 for roof sheathing


I have a lot of 1by that is old (11.5 or 11.75 wide) but it is painted - some on one side, some on both sides.

These would be perfect to replace damaged roof sheathing.

My concern is that the paint is a vapor barrier that could result in excessive or reduced cupping if moisture enters the equation.

If painted one sided, I think I’d put the paint side up so the wood would be free to dry out on the exposed bottom. In fact, if there was a leak in the roof, the paint would work in my favor (I think.)


Painted or not won’t matter better quality 1x than you can buy today. Only thing might be is if it’s too dried out might want to split when you go to nail/screw it to the rafters.


I find that if you do use nails you can blunt the point of the nail before driving it 8 out of 10 times it will keep wood from splitting.