Underlayment between two rows of shingles


Hi. I was hit with hail a few weeks ago and just had a new roof shingled. I’m just a desk jockey but my Dad has 46 years in roofing and my Grandpa had 48. I worked every summer with these gentlemen… Hence, I know my new roof is shit. It’s very painful for me to admit that.

However, there is one bit of the shit that had me and my Dad perplexed. The idots that layed this roof somehow put a layer of synthetic paper BETWEEN the rows of shingles.

Have any of you seen anything like this and would there ve a good (or any) reason for this?


It’s probably a spot were they stopped for the day and dried it in for the night.

If it’s not interfering with the sealing strip it will be fine even if less than ideal.


If its just like that a few spots then what Axiom said is most likely correct.


That would make sense but they did the roof in one, dry day with no stops. :thinking:

It is over the sealing strip so I’ll have to cut it back at least.

This is the same crew that called this “job done”:


Got anything else Alex? I enjoy looking at crappy roofs for some reason in my free time.


Feast your eyes, sir!

Gallery HERE


You made me feel better. I have found my contractor not alone in the market. Such contractors are making another storm on suffered families.


I had trouble getting the pics to load. Can you retry if you have time Alex?