Torch down needs coating what you guys use?


I have a job- 1400 sf of old flat roof customer wants a roof coating. Can you guys help me with this one thank you I do appreciate your help a lot. :slight_smile:

What type of Coating you guys use?
How many Gallons I need?


3 5gallons of fibered aluminum roof coating
2 5gallons of unfibered.
Do it again in 3-4 years.
You can make it last forever.
You will have some left of each for the next coating.


Thank you Roof_Lover
how would you charge that on Materia and hr labor or by the job


Do it yourself.
You can do it.
Or hire a young man.
Mix it well with a drill.
The fibered needs extra, extra mixing.
Mix it on the roof.
Roll it out.
Go real slow and careful around the edges
So it doesnt drip over the side.
Might be best to use a brush around the edges.
Try to fill in all the “aligatoring”/ cracks.
Keep your car at least 10’feet away from structure.


thanks roof_lover it really helps knowing that iwill try doing it my self


Don’t do it if the roof is wet from fog or rain.


GACO Surface must be dry. First coat should go on stretched. You will use 22 gallons. I’d buy five. 5’s. You will spend $1500 for material and sundries.


Aluminum coating on a new roof will do the same thing for 10x less $.