Top 3 Daily frustrations you deal with running/owning a roofing company?


Hey guys. Im looking for some insight. I really want to learn more about this business before I decide to really start my own roofing company. I have worked for my uncle for about 2 years in his roofing business and he says that his worst problem is finding qualified and good help.

I am interested in hearing what everyone else has to say.
What the most painful part for you about being in the roofing business?
What really keeps you up at night?
Makes you grind your teeth anger?
What do you desire the most for your business?


Yes, finding good employees
And the hassle and terror of federal government over-reach making feel like a criminal for not working safely enough for them.

It’s Roofing!!
It’s a dangerous job. Duh!!
And they want to outlaw how it’s
done. ( the Obama administration)
To fine us out of Business.
You know, for our own good.


Insider Secret that many roofing companies have a hard time grasping. WHEN you find GOOD help, PAY them GOOD. When you find GREAT help, pay them GREAT.


Well said Expert Roofer! That is the number one mistake roofing companies make is not taking care of the people that are taking care of you!


If you have a good website, roofers will come to YOU


If you want to start a roofing company you must realize that running a profitable business is a lot more than knowing how to find a leak or replace a roof. Being a successful roofing business owner involves organization, knowledge, patience, perseverance, people-skills, and a number of other traits. Many business owners fail, not because they weren’t skilled in their craft but because they were not skilled n running a business.
The larger you want your roofing company to be, the better you need to be as a business owner, as the responsibility will be greater. It is not wrong to dream big, but if you are a new business owner, it is best to start small and work your way up.


Over the years many companies have come and gone. It’s a job that requires hard work and diligence whether you are a company owner or an employee. So why do we do it? Hopefully because we love it! And let’s be honest. There’s money to be made. Nothing great comes easily especially in this industry, but if you’re willing to stick it out and make things happen there are satisfying rewards to be gained.
Roofing problems is just like a daily basis. There is these problems that we need to face like pricing, competition, effective marketing, safety, and call backs or unhappy customers.