The things you see


It would be quite amusing to have a thread where people post pics of the things they see in the field. I know I see head scratchers everyday. Saw two today.

We’re doing a remodel and moved the water heater. Had to “delete” the old pipe. I couldn’t help but think this was a bad place to originally install this pipe? Right on the hip. Maybe it’s no big deal I just thought it was odd.

Feel free to post your head scratching pictures I’m sure we would enjoy them.


Rather see a pipe in a hip than a valley. Have had to make some really crazy copper pipe collars over the years incorporated into valleys.


Vents upside down on a 5 year old roof

Also had a job with Shingle upside down covering a rust hole in a chimney flashing, amazingly it lasted 10 years until it leaked


@MPA here’s the one in the valley.


Gotta work hard to design something that bad.