Tamko defective shingle


I’m new and don’t know anything about shingles. I see there are other Tamko topics, but they are all over 5 years old, if I’m reading that right. Any help is very much appreciated. I had my husband clean our gutters out Saturday and he noticed our shingles were in bad shape. American Family Insurance offered to send out one of their roofers and informed us our shingles are defective. He instructed us to contact Tamko. We live in Webb City, Missouri, and Tamko is about 15 miles or so from our house. They are mailing us a letter. From what I’ve read, perhaps they will be offering us new shingles, I’m not sure yet, but it looks as though we get to pay someone to put them on. We will know more when the letter arrives. Unfortunately, we do not have this money sitting around, and it seems a little unfair that it works this way. These shingles were put on in 2008 after hail damage, and our insurance check to pay for them. My neighbor, at that time, took the check and didn’t have the roof redone. We try to do things the right way, and this just seems unfair. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you. And we have a bundle of shingles left in our garage, P00001A Tamko on them. They are in bad shape too. Thank you kindly. Lisa


That is how it works, if they are found to be defective. I’m not familiar with tank, but the warranty forms I have filled out require some remover shingles to be sent in.
They will evaluate your ventilation, and other issues with your house and offer you a pro rated value Vs the cost of the material.
You may want to look into an extended manufacturers warranty if you don’t want to deal with this again.
The extended warranties extend the non pro rated span of the warranty for an increased cost.


Thank you, I will pass this along to my husband. I really appreciate it. He has another roofing company coming to have a look today.


First off, trusting AmFam and their selected roofer to offer an unbiased opinion is unreasonable. Google AmFam bad faith and see for yourself. Find a reputable, competent roofer in the area not affiliated with AmFam to get a quality, technical opinion. Then go from there.

Even if it appears to be a manufacturers defect, don’t expect Tamko to roll over and just send you a check. Depending on the age of your roof and the warranty in effect at the time the roof wad built, you could end up getting very little from a warranty.

Get a solid technical opinion first, then come back here with those facts. Knowing the age of the roof and the Tamko shingle model would also help along with some photos. Good luck.


Thank you. I will ask my husband for photos, probably Friday, as we have storms in the area today and tonight. The other roofer that came agreed that the shingles are not right. He commented American Family is the worst. I have a note from Tamko they will come out and look, we live not far from their headquarters in Joplin. This roof was put on in 2008 or 2009 by the contractor who built our new garage and roof over our patio and he used Tamko shingles (we are looking for the paperwork, sadly, I don’t know what the warranty is). I don’t want a check, just the roof to be right. I will be back with photos and information Tamko gives me, and thank you very much.


TAMKO is bad for failure… And worse for standing behind the product. Unless you hire a credentialed roofing contractor supported by the manufacturer the tear off and most other costs are not covered.


They’ll be here Monday. Thank you for your thoughts. I’m sorry we haven’t taken photos, I know the fiberglass can be seen as my husband mentioned this to the Tamko guy - does he need to worry that our roof will leak (he said, no). I hope other consumers are more diligent in knowing what they’re getting as we will likely have to learn a lesson from this. I believe we have weathered wood Tamko shingles. I’ll give you an update after tomorrow, thank you again.


What happened to the contractor who installed the roof? I assume he helped you choose Tamko? He may even be a Tamko Pro Contractor. He should be your technical advisor and be there to meet with the Tamko rep.

I don’t share the other opinions about Tamko. All the single companies have had class actin law sits at one time or the other. And all of them have random warranty issues. I’ve personally found Tamko to be one of the better ones to stand behind warranty issues but I fought hard when necessary and the Tamko Reps we had were but good ones.

Unfortunately for you, the shingle warranties back in 2008 weren’t nearly as good as they are today. Unless your contractor was a pro contractor and got their pro contractor extended warranty, you’ll only recover a pro rated amount for the shingles only I think.


Well, husband is home. Tamko guy left a note. We have Oxford Grey shingles. He will be back on Wednesday. We wait. Thank you.


Our Tamko “defective shingle” update. It’s been over a week since the field claims specialist was here and took shingle samples, for which he stated, “I’ve never seen this before.” It’s been three weeks we’ve awaited the paperwork they said they were mailing to us on April 28th. Today, they’ve told me they’ll email it to me. I hope so.


Our claim has been settled. Tamko is going to provide shingles for our house, not only the back, where the defective shingles are, but for the entire roof - at no charge. They are also giving us a check for the labor, and $100 for the efforts we put out in providing them all the documentation. I have to say, Tamko is awesome! And I am very thankful. I have a new file in my cabinet for receipts, that’s for sure! Thank you all for your help!


Congratulations. Sounds like Tamko went above and beyond. They’ve always done right by us.


Enjoy your new roof. Occasionally a batch of shingles is defectice, great when the manafacturer does you right.


Do you think you were so successful in your claim because you originally purchased the defective shingles? My husband and I are purchasing a new house which we just found out has defective Tamko shingles. House was built in 2005 so 30 year shingles are only 13 years old but have degranulated so badly there are bare patches with no granules. Seller filed an insurance claim (American Family) but claim was denied today. Adjuster said no evidence of hail damage and seller doesn’t have defective shingle coverage. Seller is 3rd owner of the home. So, we are stuck. Does the original homeowner have to file the claim?


Yes, at least with the manufacturer I use the warranty is only applicable to the person who purchased the roof. Except in some circumstances, but you would know if they applied to you.


I’m sorry you are going through the same thing. Tamko was very good to us, and American Family, our insurance, was not, just like in your case. I would certainly talk to Tamko and see if they would help you. And I would also use their Facebook page, Tamko Building Products, as they will see it, and respond to it, and they don’t want any negativity on their page. American Family did the exact same thing to us. You might consider finding the original owner and seeing if they will help you. We did talk to our contractor, who put the shingles on, but he did not have any paperwork to give us, and still they helped us. Try all avenues to get help. Wishing you much luck!


I have sent them an email but will also use your suggestion about the FB page. That is a great idea. My husband and I are also both originally from the Joplin area and are very familiar with the Tamko company. They’ve always had a great reputation. I really hope they live up to it. Thanks for your advice.


Received reply from Tamko today. Too bad for us and for sellers, they say. Warranty is non-transferable. Doesn’t matter to them that their product is defective, or that it is one of tens of thousands of roofs that have that type defective TAMKO shingle on it. Seller should have to bear the cost of the roof replacement, they say. Go back and re-negotiate the purchase price, they say. The smug bastards. Never mind ethics or integrity. TAMKO - you are not the company I thought you were.


You’re basically wasting your time trying to file a claim on a 2005 warranty. First, I’ll bet the second owner never contacted Tamko and paid the free to transfer the warranty. I’ll bet you didn’t either because you didn’t know you were supposed to. 2005 warranties didn’t offer much coverage. At best, even if your claim was approved (which is unlikely), you’d get 17/30 of the price of the shingles. No underlayment, no accessories and no labor. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just passing along reality. That’s not unique to Tamko either by the way.