Supplementing for xactimate Price increases


You will get different results with different adjusters. That’s what can make hail identification so difficult. You know what it looks like. I know what it looks like. 5 out of 10 adjusters will know what it looks like and 5 out of 10 will say it’s foot traffic, blisters, bird droppings, mumps, chicken pox, second coming, etc.

I know these insurance companies have “internal rules” which they tell their adjusters to follow when settling claims. Problem is sometimes their rules violate their contract with the homeowner, i.e., their policy. The homeowners have to understand that and someone has to educate them since they are the ones who have to ultimately hold the insurance company’s feet to the fire.

There are some insurance companies I won’t even bother with. Country Insurance is the main one. They are just flat out criminal in the way they misuse Xactimate. I don’t like dealing with Allstate either. I have had one good experience with Farmer’s and one bad one. The bad one was where the adjuster was looking straight at a window screen and said she couldn’t see the hail damage. I informed her that she had to look at it from the side then she would see it. Then she said it was probably birds flying into the window that caused it. At that point I got down from the roof, got in my truck and left. No one can be that ***** stupid. That is an example with one insurance company where I dealt with a competent adjuster and one who needed to go sweep floors at McDonald’s.

You have to pick your fights. Fight the ones you can win and walk away from the ones you can’t. JMHO


I have been doing roofing invoicing for 10 years…I have multiple companies I work with…I have only had one adjuster in the last year deny price increase and he said it was only because I did not ask for it prior to the work being done. Presentation is EVERYTHING when billing and I worked over 400 claims last year! Would be happy to help if you want…


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6 months …not years…


Try again, clearly says “5 years later” over your post.


Nicely put, I’ve have a few SF roofs that are giving a year to have work done. Though this are all 8/12’s the first scope of loss was very low. I had to read it a couple times shaking my head.


The best way to ensure they will pay the increase is to supplement it before you do the work…otherwise they can deny it on the back end.


I disagree. Here in Colorado when hail hits in September you simply cant expect ANY roofing company to re roof everyone before Spring. By then the prices are 8% higher. Ive supplemented for price increases a lot and never had an issue. It does help to have a letter from your supplier (s) stating that as of june 1st prices will rise by x%. Send that to your adjuster and they’ll pay. Sounds like she just got a jerk adjuster… it happens. Ha.