Starting new roofing company apps/ software


Hey guy I’ve posted on here before about this but I’m looking for more info. My father and I are trying to start our own gig and everything will be under his name for now as he is the one with 30+ years experience. I grew up around the trade and spent countless weekends and summers doing side jobs and helping at the business he use to work at. We will keep our day jobs and do it on the side for now. But the way he does things is old school. Legal pad and pencil, but I know as we get bigger that will become a problem. So I’m curious what software and apps you guys use for the job. I have used the xactimate free trail and was impressed. But what do you guys use for documents, filing, and making sure you keep track of jobs from the bid to contract to completion to billing to paid? Also is quick books a good idea for accounting or is there something better?

Thanks guys!


jobnimbus would be your best bet. they give you a 14 day free trial and its $25 a month for each user after that. its similar to acculynx.


@Iconroofing18 is right, jobnimbus is a big help. If you’re trying to leave the old school behind, you may want to check out one of the roofing apps out right now. I’m a little biased if you check out my username, but RoofSnap makes your inspection/measuring process faster and we’ve got a new web app that you could use from your desk at your day job.

We’ve got a 14 day trial going on too, so you can see if it’s a good fit before you pay for anything.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Roofsnap is a great app. Jobnimbus has a great front end for taking sales. Their tools for back office work sucks. But so do the others.