Starting business roof drawings


Hey guys i am looking to take out sourcing roof measurements drawings can any one suggest me how to move forwarded this type of business i have 5 years experience in roof measurement drawings can any one suggest me please.


What do you mean roof drawing business? You’re gonna measure roofs for people?


yes i am looking for subcontract roof measurement reports


Good luck. Too many satellite companies doing that right now. can do them for $20-30 with a diagram of the roof, pitch and obstructions.


Sorry pal but it’s not going to happen ,what your talking about doing was already done 40 years ago and it was called the " Dodge Reports " ,they went out of business a long tike ago ,no contractor in theor right mind would pay for roof measurements anymore being they are already sending a salesman out to core cut the roof to determine labor for tear off ,dumpsters ,set up ,number of drains ,pipes, lengths of flashing ,footage of term bar ,gravel stop ,fascia etc ,the service your offering is currently being offered by web Satalite services at penny’s a square for residential ,no commercial & industrial contractor would risk subbing out measurements on a multi thousand square job ,roof inspection company’s are the only ones paying the Satalite people because their measurements can be off by 40% and it’s the contractors job to verify all measurements .