Soffit/Fascia Question


Hi everyone!

After having my gutters off, I’ve had to start replacing the old fascia and soffits because they were rotten. However, the new old soffits weren’t installed very well (they were resting on the trim at an angle) and the new hardie soffit is a little thinner. So I’ve ended up with a gap between the frieze board and the soffit (generally about an inch, too wide for caulk).

My issue is that the frieze board wasn’t installed particularly well. They basically just put a 2x4 on top of the masonry and tried to nail it from the bottom into the rafters. The frieze was then attached to the 2x4. Most of the nails aimed at the rafters only made it into the soffit. I think that crappy mounting is going to make it quite difficult to pull the frieze board off and replace it with a wider piece to cover the gap (it’s 1x4 right now, so 1x6).

The frieze board itself seems to be in generally good condition, so I’m tempted to just nail another 1x4 cedar board on top to cover the gap and call it a day. But I am worried some about the strength with the crappy way they mounted the frieze board to begin with. Anyone ran into something like this before? Any suggestions?


Pictures, please. Helps to see the problem


Rather than removing the freeze board you could add some 3/4 or 1" material to framing before installing the new sofit.