Sistering beams


estimated cost sistering 2 beams


Really depend on where they are, how easy access is. Will be more expensive if deck has to come off and go back on. No real way to give you idea of price without physically seeing it.


u mind if u send u a report of pictures
to look
at would reslly help me out



I get that you wanna have a rough idea what’s fair and what’s a rip off but honestly its too tough to answer that question over the internet.

Prices vary greatly in different regions. The legally required licenses and insurances vary city to city and state to state, which is a big factor in price. Some areas would legally require an inspection for such work (more cost to you). I’d be quite annoyed if I gave someone a quote to a job right, charging a fair price and doing the job the way its legally required to be done (weather I agree with the regulations or not) and the homeowner came back with “well this anonymous guy on the internet said its a 5 min job that uses $25 worth of materials so no way I should have to pay more than $150 for it!!!” You are really just gonna have to bite the bullet and call some local contractors and see what they tell you.

I’d trust more the advise of people who give off the impression that they actually have done the physical part of constriction as opposed to the smooth talking salesmen type without a spec of dirt on their cloths who can’t wait to tell you whatever you wanna hear to get you to give them the job.


know any good roofers
south new jersey


Sorry, I don’t know anyone in NJ to recommend. I just now saw your pics, for some reason they didn’t load for me earlier. Granted I am looking at them with my low res phone but, honestly I they don’t look bad at all to me or in need to be sistered. It looks like a home inspector is the one who told you they need to be sistered? Home inspectors are notorious for having little knowledge about roofing.


there are some cracks in the beams and the clamps have been removed my hi is a structural enginer


Price would really depend if the plywood is staying on or coming off. Is the plywood is coming off the rafters can easily be fully replaced and new collar ties added. If the work has to be done from inside the house it is going to be more expensive, crawling around to sister the existing rafters and adding new collar ties.

Depending on the age l, thickness, and condition of the existing plywood, and how many rafters are damaged I might recommend a redeck. You need to find a good roofer and trust there recommendation for you situation.


your attic is a dream come true.
I wouldnt hire anybody.
All you need is a framing gun.

Use the same width sister board 2x6 or 2x8
Only if there is no roofing nails protruding through the bottom of the sheeting in that area.
Check on both sides of the rafter to see if you were lucky enough to slide it in there.

If not, use one size smaller 2x4,2x6
And make it even with the bottom of the rafter.


and the clamps were do i buy those


I dont see any reason at all for any clamps.
The sister does Not have to reach from ridge board to top plate.
An 8 footer or even less will be more than fine.


yeah they were taken off for some