Should drip edge have a projection


Does a simple 90-degree one-fold corner flashing qualify as ‘drip edge’ if the contract specifies that a drip edge is to be installed.

Would it be conform to GAF specification


I would call GAF and ask them. 877-423-7663 We use GAF commercial products and customer support from corporate is great.


A simple L bend in metal could be called a drip edge, but in real life that just doesn’t happen. Typically you want a drip (bottom edge goes out) or grip edge (bottom edge goes in) to either stiffen it to the fascia board or to deflect water away from the fascia board. The drip/grip also keeps the metal from looking wavy. On commercial drip edge there is an ANSI/SPRI ES-1 requirement in most building codes. This type of metal is a heavier gauge than residential metal and has a clip on the bottom rolled edge to hold down the metal in wind events.