Shingling New Roof in Freezing and Snowy Weather (Expert Opinion Needed)


Good day everyone,

First time buyer here. I’ve been tracking the building process from afar and it’s been an entertaining and educational process.

The roof is currently being shingled and we’ve been having some really cold and snowy weather (-15C / 0F). I’m learning that shingling in these conditions is less than ideal due to improper sealing and nail blowthroughs.

Can the experienced roofers out there take a look at the pictures attached and give some feedback? Should I be concerned with the tradesmen working in these conditions? Also noticed that they aren’t using a roof underlay.


Ice and water, felt would be nice. 0 degrees is not ideal weather to install shingles. If the nails aren’t blown threw and they make it through any winter winds those Landmarks should seal in the spring. I try not to put shingles on below 30 degrees. Some closer pictures of how the shingles are fastened would be nice.


Your in ontario I take it by the lack of felt. Where are you located? We do new work all year round here by necessity.


Yes, Ontario indeed. I understand that given the long winters, roofing in the col crappy weather has to happen sometimes. Still a bit surprised there is no underlay being used, and that they aren’t remving all the snow and ice before they shingle.

I’m afraid that this roof will fail really early.


I havent found any real longevity issues due to lack of felt, average age of a roof I replace seems to be 18 years felt or no felt.
Rest is up to your installer. Might be clearing the snow as they go.


There is going to be a bunch of water (snow) trapped under the shingles and that certainly is not good for the osb sheeting when it melts.

I realize it’s not code there but my God man they need to use some felt.

If they insulate before it warms up all that melt water is going to drain into your new insulation.

The melt water is going to get all over your new electrical also, drywall, etc.

It will be fine…


So basically all good news.


you’re going to be replacing that roof in the near future, you can bet on that.


Considering that this is a new construction home, I will have an opportunity to identify any improper building practices or construction defects as part of the Pre delivery inspection and the 1 year warranty period.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to address this to the builder. I can bet they will do everything in their power to assure me that everything is fine.

What are the tell-tale signs to look out for to determine whether my roof needs to be replaced prematurely due to a winter installation?


Yes shingling in those conditions are not ideal but there is no reason doing so will cause a roof to fail prematurely. If it does there is something far more wrong with the instillation than them shingling over a bit of frost. I have to assume they are sweeping all the loose snow out of the way as they shingle (much safer to do that than try to sweep off a whole section with no good footing).


Being installed in the winter isn’t an issue, it’s all about how it’s installed.

Is the roof being installed over the top of snow & ice or is the snow & ice being removed.

We use felt so traped moisture isn’t that big of an issue, so long as you don’t install the felt over ice & snow…


We do not roof if the temperature is below 32 degrees, 45 if using a 2 ply flat.