Shingles and colors


I have a good installer but need to know which is a better shingle, Certainteed Landmark or Owen Corning. Also, who has better color selection. Thank you


They are both good brands in general I prefer Certainteed since I have not had a single issue of any kind with Certainteed in over 20 yrs of being in business.

If Malarkey is in your area IMO they make a better shingle.

Color is strictly personal preference.


On a single standpoint I would go with certainteed over owens corning any day. As axiom said color is down to the customer. Personally I feel certainteed also has some of the best coloring/shading on the market, but it all comes down to if they have the color you want.


Personal preference but I strongly prefer the OC Duration shingle over Certainteed. We’ve had some difficulty getting Certainteed to honor their warranty. In general though, two excellent products, you can’t go wrong with either.