Shingle recommendation - again



I know this has been asked many times before, but a lot of the responses are years old (some are not) and I am not sure if things have changed.

I am in Calgary, Alberta - see cold winter’s, snow, some hail, warmish summers. IKO is apparently located here in town.

I have received a couple of quotes, with another one to come.

One guy quoted with IKO Cambridge AR, another with OC TruDefinition Duration.

The 3rd guy I am going to get a quote from deals with OC Duration, Certainteed Landmark, Certainteed Northgate, Malarkey Vista and Malarkey Legacy.

The IKO guy will use Certainteed Landmark (and for a little less) if I want, but insists the IKOs are the way to go due to having the highest asphalt content in its class (no idea if this is true or if it even matters).

The OC guy says (as part of the pitch) he only uses OC (though I suspect he will use something else if asked), due to the SureNail nailing area - which he says is great.

The IKO guy also said that he is a lousy roofing salesman, because whichever fiberglass shingle you choose, installed properly with correct underlay, is going to be good for 20 plus years, barring hail. Sound about right?

I know from reading past post on here that IKO is generally not liked due to the amount of asphalt that comes off in the packaging - could this be a by product of having the highest asphalt content (assuming this is true)?

I guess I am wondering If I should press to go with the Certainteed Landmarks?

Or is moving to a hail ‘proof’ shingle such as the Malarkey Legacy (and to a lesser extent the Vista) or Certainteed Northgate a good idea? i.e. even if you take hail out of the equation, would these shingles last longer than a class 1 shingle?

I am curious to see what the 3rd guy says.

Thanks for your opinions.


I’m not an IKO fan but all the other shingles are fine … If installed correctly. Focus your efforts in picking the best roofer, the type of shingle is secondary.


It is my experience that with all construction trades, and roofing contractors are no exception, that you will see a wide variety of opinions based on the anecdotal experience of that person. That’s normal, but it’s not exactly helpful for you to make an informed decision based on verifiable facts.

I would suggest you get some opinions of those contractors, but also do your own research on here and other places online. If you come to the conclusion that a couple of different lines from a couple of different brands will work for you, then hire the contractor that you feel comfortable with, has solid references and reviews, and (this is important) regularly installs and likes that brand. Just because a contractor will install another brand, if he pushes another brand and prefers it, my guess is that he either does not have as much experience with the brand you want, or pull with the rep if there is a problem down the road.

Also, if you are getting specific types of vents or have a particular type of roof, look into whether that will affect your decision towards one brand or another. For example, you mention Certainteed. If you are getting a ridge vent, they are known for having a high quality ridge vent, and therefore that might affect your decision to go with them.


Iko are very common out in AB. Their fine and what most guys would be used to. Have never used Malarkey, but everything I’ve heard puts them at a level above. Certainteed put out a good product, as does Owens.
Installed properly, their all very similar