Shingle Opinions


We are having our roof replaced. The shingles I have to choose from are:

GAF Timberline
IKO Cambridge
Owens Corning Oakridge
CetainTeed Landmark
Tamko Heritage

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with these companies?

Thanks for your feedback.



Cetainteed or Owens Corning, the other 3 are not very good IMO.
IKO would be the best of the undesirable 3.

Malarkey if it is in your area.


Personally I would recommend the certainteed landmark, or landmark pro for a few bucks more. Gaf also not a bad shingle. Really up to you for looks/color. Not big fan of the look or serviceability of OC. Personally I would choose either certainteed, gaf, or Oc over tamco or IKO.


Out of curiosity what is it about GAF shingles that you feel is good?

Are you a salesman or an installer?


I am an installer by day and in office at night to review all contracts our sales guys sell before they get their commission paid. I occasionally sell something that is extremely complicated and l so high up and steep that a sales guy won’t go near. I have good experience in both sides.

Personally I am not overly fond of gaf but we do sell Some. Gaf is a lighter shingle than landmark and landmark pro-life which is great for the installer but probably not for the customer in the long run. We normally sell gaf as an alternate to certainteed for aesthetics when a customer wants a certain color ect.

Shingles used to be sold by weight, now days if you ask a rep the weight per sq it’s hard to get it out of them, they immediately try to change the topic of conversation.

Lately we have been seeking mainly landmark pro little heavier than landmark and a few bucks more so our guys are selling at same price.

There are better looking and performing shingles out there than IKO and tamco so we don’t even offer them unless that is specifically what a customer requests.

I personally I am not too fond of OC. They are very thin/ weak in the middle section. Their sure nail, or whatever they call it strip in the middle makes it almost impossible get them out in one piece when repairs are needed… Ie replacing vent pipe coller or replacing 1 shingle that gets hit by a tree branch.


I’m an Owens Corning fan. Second for me would be Certainteed. After that you might as well put the rest in a bag and pick blindly. Just my opinion though. I am sure others will have a different preferences.


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Can you provide a link that supports your claim, Axiom? I am not questioning your integrity. I am curious though. I know several companies where involved in supporting the nazi regime. I just never found a connection to GAF. Coke, Bayer, Ford, and Chase Bank were all, in someway, connected to the Nazis.


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17 years ago I put OC on my house, GAF on an outbuilding, and IKO on my shop. I should have reroofed my house this year, doing it next summer as part of a planned remodel instead. The outbuilding looks to have at least a few years left. The shop I’d say has 5 years minimum left on it. Accordingly I heavily recommend IKO. It is now about all I ever use because of my own personal experience.


This is my generic reply every time this question gets asked: shingle quality varies greatly in different regions and everyone has different preferences. I personally don’t expect any shingle to majorly outperform any other (outside of the odd manufacturing defect). Its more important to focus on quality install imo.


I think with all brands it comes down to the installer you use and accessories as well as identifying ventilation problems. Without any knowledge of your scenario besides what was stated I believe that if you switched the locations of which roofs you installed the shingles on you would have gotten a similar result on the different brand.
The reason I think this is because of the excessive use your house gets and is not as well ventilated as the outbuilding or shop. Since homes are built to keep as much of the outside air out and the inside air in. The majority of houses these days are not well enough ventilated.
Again I don’t have much info besides what’s given, that’s just my two cents.


Our opinion as others have said is definitely Owens Corning out of the bunch. However, like Southers said it comes down to how it is installed. Any brand or shingle type leaks and/or wears out faster if the install job was botched. Southers is also right about ventilation. We do a lot of roofs and all the time we are adding additional vents to some houses that literally have none at all.

The second choice would definitely be CertainTeed as a personal preference and experience with it overall. IKO seems to be pushing into the market more however where we are located. IslandRoofing also had a good perspective too, saying that materials can be different in different places.

Honestly, focus on having reliable and trustworthy people put in on the roof and you should be okay with really any choice of shingle.


To all of you respected experts that are giving your opinion regarding OC, are you referring to both the Oakridge line and Duration? I too am looking to getting a new roof and I am undecided between OC Duration & Certainteed Landmark Pro. I am using a very respectable and quality roofer. Your thoughts please, and thank you very much in advance!


Basically, what would be the pros and cons or plus and minuses between Duration and Pro?



IMO I would recommend malarkey Vista which is a polymer blend designed for expansion and contraction. Also reduces scaring. I was able to fix scaring by pushing of my thumb in circular motion. Amazing