Shared roof - tie in? curb?


I own half a duplex and a small portion of my roof is shared. The bulk of mine was done a few years ago and now my neighbour is doing the portion that is shared with mine. What is the best way to tie in two roofs should i not want this contractor to replace my portion ?

What sort of liability issues does this present? the contractor told me he would just over lap the shingles or tie them in…

ps. my first convo with him ended when he told me i needed to replace the entire thing, def wood as well – the main portion is still under workmanship warranty and has 25 years left on the manufacturer’s warranty…


The best way is to build a small separation between your section and your neighbor. Then both sides get step flashed separately. Btw, shingle manufacturer warranties are all but worthless and you hardly ever get that long out of your roof (but 5 years is too early to change a 30yr shingle unless it was an instillation error.


Can you provide me with more information pertaining to step flashing between two sections of roof ona single plain. I am having this issue with a duplex. Only one side wants a new roof.


Easiest way to build a small curb to divide two roofs is to lay 3 2x6 flat on the deck and screw on top of each Other, that will give you 5.5 " wide by 4.5 " talk curb. Step flash both sides, then install coping over the top.