Securing Vinyl J-Channel to Foil Covered Foam Board w/Butyl Tape


Tape would be either Window and Door Sealing Tape or Flashing Tape (or a glossy white surfaced tape that is used on gutters.)

Reason why is I don’t want to run nails through step flashing for two reasons: 1) flashing is 24ga galvanized and holes would have to be drilled and 2) I nail flashing to the roof, not he wall so future flashing replacement does not required removing dormer siding.

My concern is that this tape may come loose in 10-20 years.


You need to have a mechanical attachment, the foil will peel off the foam if you try to use glue or tape.


Tape will not hold. If you don’t want to nail through steps use long zips into steps.


Yeah, I was thinking tape was not the way to go.

I ended up making 24ga galv “J” hangers I crimped through the nail slots. Had to punch hole for nail but no biggie.

What are “long zips?”


Zip screws…