Scope of work advice requested


I’m trying to preparing a scope of work document for my re-roofing project so all bidders are quoting for the same. I am aware that some decking and facia board have dry rot and will need replacement. This is what I have come up with through internet search. I’m seeking advice to streamline it without making it too complex.

1- Completely tear-off and remove all existing shingles and underlayment from the entire roof. Haul away all job related debris to a legal disposal site.
2- Clean up roof deck to provide smooth installation surface.
3- Inspect decking and facia for rot or deterioration. Submit Change Order at rates described below for owner approval.
4- Re-nail and secure existing decking if necessary.
5- Install (6) Low profile Owens Corning O’Hagin Attic vents for proper exhaust ventilation.
6- Provide proper pre-coated galvanized steel flashings at rakes, eaves, ridges, penetrations, side wall, chimneys, etc. Sheet metal materials should be at least 26 gauge.
7- Replace and paint all roof safes and heat vents.
8- Apply pre-painted metal nosing on rake edges.
9- Install metal flashing (drip edge) along roof perimeter to gutters.
10- Install heavy duty 30lb. felt underlayment over the entire roof surface.
11- Install GAF starter strip shingles around the perimeter of the new roof.
12- Install Owens Corning self-sealing Ice & Water Shield or GAF Roof Leak Barriers & Ice Dam Protection in all valleys and around the entire perimeter of roof.
13- Re-roof with GAF Timberline HD Reflector Series or equivalent Owens Corning shingles. Each shingle will be nailed with a minimum of four (4) 1-1/4” galvanized roofing nails.
14- Apply GAF high profile ridge cap shingles on ridges.
15- Replace any damaged or rotted plywood decking with 4’x8’ of ccx plywood at per sheet and 2”x6” barge rafters or fascia at per lineal foot.
16- Reattach existing gutters as needed.
17- Keep work area neat at the end of each work day through the duration of the job.
18- Magnetic sweep yard to remove any nails upon completion of installation. Clean gutters.
19- Contractor shall secure all necessary permits and arrange timely City inspections.
20- There are no TV Dishes or antennas on the roof.
21- All work shall be completed within 7 days from start of work.
Price: $_________________including all materials, labor and permits. Cost for replacing rotted decking and barge rafters or facia will be additional as described above.
Payment: Ten (10%) percent down payment, balance due in full upon satisfactory completion of work as described above. Net 5 days. Contractor will sign Unconditional Waiver and Release on Final Payment form.
Insurance: A copy of contractor insurance should be included with the proposal.
Warranty: 10-year labor and workmanship. Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty, pro-rated after 10 years. Manufacturer certificate of warranty is required before final payment.


What is the unconditional waiver?


The California State Licensing Board recommends using these waiver forms anytime payment is made.


Oh, yes. Of course.