Roofing work in the south


Just wondering If anyone out there looking for a crew to take some jobs off your hands in the south. We have lots of work here but the weather is got us at a stand still. We are fully insured roofing company. I would just be one of my crews. I’m just trying to keep them busy. We are quality driven but get jobs done in a timely fashion. We do snap loc SS, Corugated metal, EPDM, Asphalt. If anyone is interested let me know.


Anyone? Maybe Florida 75 degree temps…= Working vacation…LOL


Roofing in Florida is anything but a vacation lol. Wait till you deal with all their b.s. codes that make no sense, multiple inspections on a simple roof, and ignorant inspectors that love to show up at their own leisure. I went to work in florida for 2 winters and it nearly killed my passion for the trade. Believe it or not I actually work in Australia over the winter now. Seasons are opposite in the southern hemisphere so its always summer for me! :slight_smile:


Where are you located at Now? I may be interested in your offer.


Indiana, PM me if you want to talk details


This is nice… Thanks for the information. I am also intrested because I too believe in quality and that’s fantastic if the work is done on time.