Roofing shingles: Owens Corning Duration TruDefinition, Certainteed Landmark AR or Malarkey Highlander Scotchgard?


I live in the wet Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Tacoma WA area). Considering the following for a re-roof of my home and am interested in pros/cons: Owens Corning Duration TruDefinition, Certainteed Landmark AR and Malarkey Highlander Scotchgard. Thanks.


They are all good.

Pick which one has the colors you like.


Agree with Axiom. Choose based upon color and price.


I could NOT disagree with Axiom or Authentic_Dad any more on this subject!!
My expert advice would be to choose your shingle based on price and color. :relaxed:

Oh and stay away from Malarkey! I mean the name of the company is MALARKEY!


Malarkey must not be available in your market, it’s probably the best one listed.

Who else makes SBS shingles?


I really wish they were available in my area. I have been interested in those sbs shingles since I heard about them. Are they ok to work with on really hot days or are they floppy? Do they scuff easily?


They hold up better in the heat.


I hadn’t heard of SBS shingles and don’t see it mentioned here on the Malarkey Highlander page

So are all Malarkey shingles SBS?


The Highlanders are standard asphalt, it’s a pretty good shingle.

The Legacy is an SBS shingle.


Legacy Scotchgard costs $3K more for my 2000 sf roof than Highlander. Worth it?


It’s a much better shingle and will likely last longer.


I don’t disagree with Axiom’s comments but I don’t think it is worth the extra.


I agree with Authentic on this one. While I have never used those shingles I can’t possibly imagine they are worth an extra 3k for 20 sq. For that price I would look into a real upgrade, metal perhaps.


In my market the $ difference between the Highlander and the Legacy is ~$30/sq.
The Highlander at 280 lbs/sq is more comparable to the Landmark Pro than the Landmark.


I found a roofer who will let me upgrade to Malarkey Legacy Scotchgard for $1184, sound good? But this roofer is saying the Malarkey warranty does not cover labor and disposal down the road.


If the shingles are applied correctly you’ll never need that material warranty.


Manufacturer warranties are absolute garbage! Everything is pro-rated and they WILL find a way out of paying anything worth while. Put ZERO faith into this. More important is your workmanship warranty.

Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.


I tend to agree with you but you need some work on your delivery & people skills.

For instance, I recently learned that if I slightly bend my arms my knuckles don’t drag on the pavement.

It’s the little things in life that bring happiness.


If you can afford the malarkey shingles I would choose that brand based on the wind warranty is equal or greater than the other choices.also malarkey is a rubber bases shingle and resist hail better than any other shingle.your insurance company may give you a better rate because of these factors.good luck and choose a renown contractor.landmark pros would be my second.


Thanks for the information…