Roofing Sales Salary


I’ve been offered a job with a roofing company currently expanding in my state (FL). My prior experience is working outside sales for a lumber (and other home bulidng materrials) company (5 years). The proposed compensation is as follows:

Salary: $40,000 year
Gas Card
Cell phone allowance

*Commission: 1/2 % of gross sales

My question is in regards to the commission. The percentage offered (half a percent of gross) seems very low. At that rate I’ll have to sell multiple millions to reach my salary goal (70,000-100,00k). Does this seem like a low commission rate based on the industry?


Not good. In general, good companies pay Sales Reps 10% or more of the gross sales. If you sell a million dollars, you should make around $100K in total compensation or more.


Thank you for the reply.


To be honest. It depends on the benefits. What is the gas card cap? What are the benefits? Health insurance? Cell phone allowance, how much? Do the math and see how it comes out. Those salesman getting 10% of gross generally are 1099 employees. This is done to avoid paying for benefits and workers comp. You may be surprised once you do the math.

Also, will they be providing your leads, or will you generate your own? If they are providing you leads take that into account. Advertising cost lots of money.

Consider a counter offer if the math comes up short.


Thanks for the response.

I hear what your saying and with the extras listed the math gets me a closer but I just can’t get over the fact that every $100,000 in sales will only net me $500. I’ll be generating all my own leads and covering a very large area. I think a smart counter-offer is my best option. Thanks again


Three are plenty of companies out there looking for good sales people, you don’t need to mess with these guys and their low ball offer.


Sounds like a very generous offer to someone with zero roofing experience of any kind.
They must see some serious potential in you.
Get the experience, and then let nature take its course.
It is not like you are stuck in a contract.
As you progress in experience and show worth,
You renegotiate.