Roofing concern


Hi just had a new roof placed . Tear down of two singles plywood and shake. My roof had no leaks but now I’m concern .the new shearing has several gaps around the rafters where you can see the the black poly paper . I can say their are gaps that appear to be at least 2" inches . I bought it to the attention of the contractor who says I will not have any problems because the shingles are on top covering. Is this gap suppose to be there. I reside in nj and the township will come to inspect in a week The final payment to contractor is due today. This roof porch and garage is costing 16300.00 what does anyone advise. Single lady senior


You should not give your final payment until the job is inspected.


Who is supposed to inspect it?


Post some pictures. It is possible the gap you are talking about is the ridge vent (that’s supposed to be there).


In California all roofs require inspections by either city or county building inspectors. Im sure some states don’t have or require these.


I am a roof contractor in NJ and on the back of the permit it states not to make final payment to contractor until inspected. As for the plywood gaps in the sheathing, …Hmmmmm… if the plywood was nailed over top of the wood ribs from the original cedar shakes your roof won’t fall on top of you. It’s shady inexperienced workmanship that is common in our state.