Roofing Company wants to see insurance estimate. Is that necessary?


I had a roof leak and had a very reputable roofing company come out. They determined the cause of the leak and noticed a lot of hail damage that contributed to the leak. They volunteered to meet the adjuster, but were unable to as the adjuster was running behind and the salesman had to leave. Long story short I received a check on the spot from the insurance company and the amount is well below the cost of a new roof (due to ACV endorsement). I am fine with that and I called the roofing company back to send me a detailed quote (they never gave me one), but he is pushing for the repair estimate, I said no now he wants to meet again to go over shingle options. My question is, if I am paying him the full amount is it to my benefit to show him or any other roofing company the insurance estimate? One other company just asked for the Eagle View report which i provided.


In many cases you will end up paying more than what your insurance is paying you to get a quality job. Also do you have any pics of this hail damage? Its super rare for it to be so bad that it actually causes a leak (I’ve personally never saw it in my life).


You didn’t sign a contract and they didn’t show up to meet the Adjuster as they committed to. Technically, you owe them nothing.

With that said, chances are the full amount estimated by your insurance company is less than what a quality roofing company would quote. I would recommend you get 2 or 3 detailed estimates from reputable, local roofing companies and choose the one you feel most comfortable with.