Roofing Calculator for iPhone & Android - Estimate ANY Roof


As far as a tablet version… Specifically the iPad and iPad 2… With the app have a built in CRM with push email for invoices and such. Possibly contracts with screen signing capabilities? Sketch would be great as well… Then booking thats per customer pushed to your full accounting system…

Just throwing some things that we would all probably love to have.


[size=150]Roofing Calculator for iPhone is now in App Store[/size] - get yours today - Roofing Calculator iPhone app in iTunes.

Hey guys - the roof calculator for iPhone is finally here! Here are a couple of pictures and a video link after the pictures.

Here is a quick video of how it works on iPhone and iPad: - is now being developed and will be added as an update for both apps asap - it is already about 50% done.

The main thing now is to make sure that your existing roofing materials profiles do not get overwritten or deleted after this update is released and that all the results come together correctly - this is mostly internal programming work, but it’s important that everything works correctly - so we are taking our time on this. But it will be out soon - so do not hesitate :slight_smile:

@ Aqua Roofing

I don’t think you will get everything you want - CRM, Sketch 3D diagram and a Roof Estimating software all in one for $20 - and for more (something $40-50) roofers will not buy…Roofing Calculator PRORoofing Calculator for iPhone**[size=150]Features and updates:[/size]****Features:****Upcoming Changes:**multiple roof sections


We need an app either android or pc that figures lengths of standing seam and corrugated roofing into valleys and hips.


This would be nice!! and for the field…


@ Roofersmith & Kage

We will be doing something like that sometime soon (as soon as we finish other, more important updates to the app). We already have something similar online - metal roofing panels calculator

However, there is an issue with the one online, and it has to do with hip roofs. The way we initially programed it, and it has to do with geometry and math. It adds an extra panel or two on hip runs - and although we figured out to to fix it - we never had time to do so, because we started making the app for Android.

The problem with valleys is more complex. It’s difficult to explain to the app, how wide the “dormer” is at the base, and where it starts on the roof - at the eave or infield. Also there are triangular dormers, as well as the ones with walls on 3 sides and the window … typical small dormers. Now it’s easy to explain, but how do you plug those numbers in. I have not figured this out yet, so if you think of efficient way to do so - let me know.

Bottom line - I am not 100% sure if we will ever do the one like you are looking for. Like I said it’s difficult to implement it logically / logistically, and will take a very long time to code. On the other hand, demand for such app is so low, that we would need to charge like $100 for it to even recoup development costs - never mind make money on it.

This is why professional apps used by big sheet metal shops like Beacon’s Coastal Metal, Atas, Englert, Drexels, etc., cost thousands of dollars to buy, and over $100/hour in tech support. I don’t think you will see a sophisticated app like that for mobile phones (iphone / android, etc) any time soon.

The app we would release, would probably only calculate gable / hip roofs, without valleys, unless we actually come up with a more or less efficient way to plug in and process the data. We might add a simple triangular dormer to it (the one that starts off at the eave of the main roof), but not the small dormers.

If you have an idea of a workable interface - post here or PM me and we will put it in.



Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that Roofing Calculator app was updated to v2.0 and is available for download / update in App Store / Android Market.

Details in original post here: roofing-calculator-for-iphone-android-estimate-any-roof-t10409.html