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When when your app be ready for the android? Any idea on a day?


@ EstesRoofing

The app is almost complete. There are few functionality things to take care of and then it’s just design aspect. Should be coming out by Jan 31… maybe a few days later.


Read previous messages - it will all be possible to do, and you can specify almost everything.


What we will not have in the release version, but plan to bring out in the updates:

Valleys & dormers.

Some other minor features.

We will begin work on including more complicated roofs.

We will start working on an iPhone version as wells as a separate iPad version and the Android tablet version (possibly).

Possibly a function to calculate standing seam panels. However, because most of you expect this app to give you exact amount of materials we might not implement this function. Here is the reasoning. While it’s ok to have a little shortage or overage on shingles or drip edge, if you are few inches off on a standing seam roof panel, you can scrap it. Therefore I don’t want to heat that it’s “our fault” that some roofer ordered incorrect length panels based on what our calculator numbers… Point is that you would still need to check your material orders before placing them…


Just checking on the status of the Android version of your app its Feb.,4th and I still haven’t seen it in the market?


Great looking app. Just got my evo 4g for christmas and it amazes me.

More faster, better tools in the field are coming fast. Soon you won’t need a computer at the office.


Hey guys,

I know it’s feb 5 already, and yes the calc is not in the android market yet. We had a few bugs to fix during testing… basically we don’t want to release a half-finished app…

The calc is mostly done - we are finishing the design and other small things. Give us a few days and you will have it.

Here is picture of the calculator running on the Mytouch 3g and on android tablet:


Will this also be on blackberry app world?


@ falls roofing:

most likely no… because bb has too many versions and there are compatibility issues an also, bb market share is diminishing very fast.


Well the wait is over - we released the Android Roof Calc app to android market - details here:

It took longer than we wanted and you expected, but it was important that we add certain crucial features and make sure everything works as it should.

Now we will be adding minor changes and concentrate on iPhone version of the calculator. Please post your feedback in the thread linked above, as this is more of a development thread.

Thanks all for your input - it was very helpful… and for your patience.


can this be downloaded on computer?


@ kage

No, why would you want it on a computer? Do you mean the PC version or the app file? If you mean Android app file (apk) than no.

PS - here is how you get the app:

To get it simply open Market app on your android phone and search for “roofing calculator” or use Google Goggles app and point it at this QR code image:

Here is App page on Android Market: … calculator


I Justbought the app for my I phone, roofing calculator, looks nothing like the version you showed?

Did I buy the wrong one?
very basic app unlike the one you show above

Thanks for advice?


[quote=“LAMetalRoofs”]@ kage

No, why would you want it on a computer?[/quote]

because my truck is set up with one.


@FriscoBlue - yea man, you bought the “wrong” roof calc :roll: - besides - our iPhone roof calc is not out yet - we are still working on it. Android one is out in the Market.

Here is a video review of the calculator: Roofing Calculator App

@kage - our app is for Android phones, and unless you are running android emulator, it will not work on a PC. I thinks it is a lot more useful of a smart phone, and also, almost no one has a PC set up in the truck, while many roofers already have the iPhones / iPads, Android phones and tablets, and those who still don’t, will soon get them.


Lamatalroofs Thanks,

I will await your version and buy :smiley:


@Frisco - how about getting an android phone? :mrgreen:

jk, but my iphone’s receiver died recently, so i finally got an android (new inspire 4g) and i love it - huge 4.3" screen and very fast … iphone looks like a toy now :smiley:


Hi all,

A demo (free) version of roofing calc is available in the android market - … ulatordemo

You can now play around with the app before buying it. The only difference with a full version is that you can’t see all the results (for obvious reasons). All other functions work, so that you can see exactly what this calculator does.

Screenshot of the calculation results screen:

Please leave your feedback:

To all who did buy the app so far and buys in the future - please rate the app and leave your comments - here and on the market - we need to know what you think / like / dislike about the calculator, so that we can improve it / add new features. And thanks for your purchase!

Full app overview and user’s guide can be found here: … ndroid.php


I was the first to leave a comment and thing it needs is the ability to change material names,for instance I added a 5 panel profile I need to change starters to eave or nails to screws etc. Also will it ever be able to handle multiple measurements the ways it is now you would have to calculate each section then add it together if it had memory Nd the ability to add job name it would be perfect .


Hi all,

No updates here for sometime, but the roof calc app work is at its peak… it is now up to version 1.2, with addition of plywood / sheeting replacement, few minor bug fixes and new “Contractor / Presentation” mode which you can use to calculate roof prices in front of your customer without showing them the cost of materials and labor. Soon we will adjust Tablet resolutions to make it look good on Galaxy Tab / Xoom, etc. and I’m making a tablet demonstration video, to show how the presentation mode will help you sell jobs - not just speed up roof estimating.

Right now we are working on iPhone / iPad version which we intend to finish, before we introduce other major change to android app.

Planned/possible updates include things you’ve been asking for, like multiple roof calculation, valleys, dormers, etc. as well as fully functioning Commercial Flat Roofing calculator, which will be included as an update to the existing app, meaning you won’t have to buy a separate app.

@EstatesRoofing - we will be introducing those changes, but at this point it will take some time, due to the way the calculator works, as it saves things into internal database, and it’s rather difficult to make temporary fields … We will figure it out soon :slight_smile: … just gotta finish the iPhone app.

We want more feedback from you guys - here or on our website or in the Android Market - with all the ppl buying the app and getting the demo version, there is very little feedback, so we don’t know which features you want the most.

PS - I really like the new forum design - props to donl to finally getting rid of that boring old style, which put me asleep even after 2 redbulls :mrgreen:



Us I Phone users are starting to feel like second Class citizens :biggrin:

When can we expect it to be released for use???


Hey Guys - those who bought the Android app - [size=120]we need your feedback, comments and please rate the app in Android market[/size].

We need to know what you think and what features you want added to the app and how you want those to function. With so many roof calculator demo downloads and pro version purchases, we barely got any feedback.

Also, just wanted to let you know / remind that iPhone roof calc app is close to being ready and will be released into App Store soon (no promises as to how soon, but we’ve solved a major slow down and development is moving forward fast).

Check out this Roofing Calculator iPhone / iPad video preview

Here is a screen shot:

Also for BlackBerry users and potential buyers of their PlayBook tablet (which is already available from BestBuy for $500) - our Android app will work on BlackBerry tablet and their future phones without any recoding - as soon as they release a VM for Android apps, which should happen in about 5-6 weeks … we will make it available from BlackBerry App World promptly.

This should also work on all future BB phones, as lon as they use the same operating system as is used in playbook. Here is more details on roofing calculator for blackberry

@ Frisco

I myself am an ex iPhone user, so to tell you the truth, it’s all Steve Jobs’ fault :mrgreen:

Actually our dev had more experience with Java / Android and a weird Apples implementation of C, so we started with android… iOS version should come in 3 weeks (my dev tells me 2 … but I know him :shock: )

PS… android is SOOOO much better than iOS

PS2 - question for those who bought full version for android and updated it to 1.2 (latest version right now):

What do you think of presentation mode? What should we add to it? I was thinking roof warranty period - setting would be located in material profiles and would have labor and materials warranty period, different for each roofing profile. Anything else you want to see?