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[size=100]Roof Calc app for iPhone / Android is updated to v2.0[/size]

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**- Multiple Roof Sections.

  • Saving, Modifying & Exporting of results.
  • GPS Location.
  • Send results to client as formal proposal - with your company info in letterhead!
  • Dormer, Valley, Misc Costs and Sales Tax
  • Native iPad and Android tablet support!

Roof Calc 2.0 in action:

Roofing Calculator v2.0 video demo

To get it, just open App Store or Android Market on your iPhone and search for “roofing calculator” - our app is the only one for $19.99

Benefits of Roofing Calculator app:

  • Estimate ANY sloped roof in seconds!

  • Sell more jobs by providing your clients with near instant price / proposal!

  • Great for over-the-phone estimate when every second counts

I use it myself, and it’s a life saver when client calls, gives me a bunch of numbers and asks - how much? Doing this traditional way would take 10 minutes - so I would need to say “i will call u back” or something - this way - just open app - type in roof size and you have all the numbers in front of you!

App cost: $19.99

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  • Which features / functions you like.
  • What you think should be changed.
  • What should be added.
  • General performance.
  • Accuracy (we tested out virtually every setting, but we could miss something)
  • Functional improvements (we have a long list of new / improved features, but we wanted to release the app, with main functionality and add small stuff in the update).

Sincerely, Leo -


I currently have a roofing calc app on my phone that is not very good I would be interested but are you able to put multiaple measurements?Are you able to change the pricing?


As far as changing pricing - yes, you can set pricing for everything - shingles, felt, I&W, drip, flashing, nails, etc.

As far as measurements, right now, you can input measurements for rectangular shape hip or gable roof.Calculator will get you the exact square footage (assuming your measurements and pitch are correct) and will calculate all materials needed (ridge / hip cap including).

Here is a question I want to ask:

As far as price per square - once you have your cost of materials, would you want to just add certain amount for labor or you would prefer to have your typical price per square, subtract materials and see what you get for labor?

Which other features would you want to see?

As far as other calculators for iPhone - I’ve seen them, they are a joke.


We use Xactimate, including the sketch function, so this would be marginally useful. However, if available, I’d buy it for the few times we would use it. I’d certainly pay $10 to $25 for it which is high for phone apps but would pay for itself with one use IMHO.

Functionality and features I’d want are as follows:

  1. Being able to break the roof down into multiple pieces (hips, gables, squares, rectangles, triangles, etc.) to get a more accurate total for a cut up, complex roof.

  2. Ability to input a waste factor (%)

  3. Ability to input a standard set of variables including inputs for valley (we install ice & water on all roofs), vents, shingle price, steep, double steep, high charges, labor, etc… I’d like default values that could be easily edited for unique situations. Ideally, there would be multiple models you could apply defaults to cover different areas you might work in where the prices vary. Allow for variables such as vents, skylight flashing, etc…

  4. Allow export to .csv so it can be easily put into an Excel file.

Basically, the more flexibility that is allowed, the more useful I would find the app.


I use geo so i dont have to measure alot easier on my back and another software product. Looks like a great app maybe i will look at it.


I agree with Dad, I was concerned about number 1. My reps will be moving to a tablet instead of these stupid net books. So your app would come in handy.


i use my phone for everything,it would be so much more easier to figure a price right on the spot with this,this is a great idea,i would pay 25 for app


I worked for a company that created thier own program. It was a great system as you plug in simple information and it spits out everything you want. The really cool thing about it. Use a computer pin to trace and measure roof plans.

Its biggest problem is that you could not incorporate human error. One input error causes a domino effect that affects everyone all the way down the line to the roof installer. Differences of tens of dollars to thousands.

I spent more time, that I ever wanted, to catch every error before it went out to the roofers. It would have been faster were I to do the bid myself.

Additional, the system did not acount for inches of overlap for metals, ridgecap transition (use 1-2 extra pieces for every transition), and many more I could name. How would your system account for this?
In any event, this great technology at times, forces us to go back to good ole hand wriiten bids.


Hey guys,

I’ve been a little quiet as it’s the end of the year and I needed to get many things done.

So here is the list of features that roofing calc app will have:

* Roofing Materials Profiles – you can save your roofing materials prices (including cost of roofing shingles, felt, I&W, roofing nails, ridge vent, drip edge, etc.) as profiles.
* Chimney and Skylight Flashing – Set price to flash chimneys / skylights.
* Waste factor – Set waste factor for Hip and Gable roofs, which we currently estimate at 7.5% for hip roofs and 5% for gable roofs.
* Roof tear-off cost – you can set the cost to tear-off 1, 2 or 3 layers of old roofing materials.
* Number of stories / floors – you can set a certain amount of up-charge for each additional floor in the house, as it cost you more to install a roof on a triple-decker vs. a cape house.
* Total cost to install the roof you can set up your price per roofing square (your base labor price), and calculator will add your cost per square for materials, chimney and skylight flashing cost, as well as other additional costs.
* Roof Type – you can choose between different roof types (currently Hip and Gable roof) and the calculator will automatically estimate all your sizes and length for hips, eaves, rakes, ridge, etc., and apply the waste factor for chosen roof type.
* Roof Difficulty – Not every roof is the same, and it is much easier to install a roof on a straight-forward ranch roof, vs. a really cut-up roof with dormers, valleys, side-wall flashing, etc. You can set-up 3 different levels of difficulty: simple, medium and cut-up roof, and save in settings, how much to add per sq. for each difficulty level.
* New plywood – If you have to install new roof deck sheeting / plywood, you can set-up prices for 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ (really? :) ) CDX plywood or OSB sheeting.
* Landscape and Portrait mode – whether you prefer to hold you mobile device in one hand or with two hands, the calculator will automatically scale to fit the horizontal / vertical orientation of your phone

You can see the full description of what the app will be like, availability, pricing, features and updates here: … ndroid.php

I will respond to above comments soon.

Thanks all and happy holidays!


What I was trying to ask is this…

Lets say you have a flat roof with a total perimeter on the plans that measure exactly 495 ft. The app spits out an order for 50 pieces of drip cap metal.

The product is ordered and delivered on sited, material is counted by the roofer and is correct. But at the end of the job they are short about 11 ft.

Because of the 4-6 inch overlaps. Will the app cover this aspect. My experience tells me that the waste % applies to roof shingle materials only…which means an extra line of code will have to be programmed for:

every 4 inch overlap requirement
every 6 inch overlap requirement

The issue can get even more complicated on pitch roofs. What is your opinion of this?


It sounds like a great idea in principal. But could get you in trouble in the real world if you dont do dilligence in your measure and inspection call.


There are a few programs out there that measures rooves remotely with very little margin of error, Eagle View and Geoestimater. I am told they are both quite accurate. It might behoove you to hook into that somehow. If you could add that tech to your app guys would have the option of hand measuring or remote measuring. How cool would it be to just type in an address and get an estimate?


where can i get it at? looked on site and could not find it.


Hi All,

First - happy new year! I was missing in action for some time, and been celebrating :mrgreen: … but the work never stopped.

I will try to answer as many questions as I can.

First - gtp - the app is not ready yet, as it is still in development. It will be available through Android Market (for android devices) in January, and in Apple App Store (for iPhone) in Feb.

Once we release the version of smart-phones, we will begin work on the tablet version (in the beginning, it will just scale to the correct resolution) and in the future, we might make a tablet-only version.

So, here is a screen shot of the latest beta version on a 854x480 screen resolution (app will scale to any resolution automatically, but I chose the largest available res. to show as much of the app as possible):

Notice, because of the number of settings, you will have to scroll down to get to the “calculate” button. We will be adding one more setting to the list.



@ Authentic_Dad

1 - at this point, the cut-up roof options will not be implemented fully, because of screen size limitations and technical issues. however we are brainstorming this for the later version update to the app.

I would need your guys input on how to better “present” these cut-up roof inputs. For example, issues we have with this so far:

There are different types of dormers - here is a most common one:

Technically, it does not add any sq. footage, but complicates the job a whole lot.

Another type of dormer, without sidewall flashing - basically it starts at the roof eaves:

There are too many variables to consider and input here, and in case like this, it would be faster to calculate it by hand.

Basically, this app should be a convenient tool for roofing contractors / estimators / sale-mens :slight_smile: to quickly estimate almost any roof and to know your material and labor costs and to have a price-quote ready for the customer. The whole process should take a minute - not an hour.

We are not going to make a 3D-modeling software out of this app.

2 - Waste factor and MANY other settings will be available on special “General Settings” tab.

3 - Most of the variable you listed there, will be available through general setting or roofing materials profile settings (eg. 3-tab profile, 30-year Arch. shingle profile, Fake slate profile, etc.)

4 - You will be able to save and view calculation results and email the .csv file with the results. Results will not be saved automatically - only if you manually save the results. This may not be implemented right away, as we want to release the app soon, and features like this take long time to program. It will be available as a free update soon after release of Version 1.


@ Roofer Gee

The way we deal with overlaps - we take total length of the gable or eave, round it up to next 10 and add 10 feet for overlaps / cuts. For most residential roofs, this will not “produce” more than $10-20 of extra drip-edge which can be used on the next job.

Calculator will give you approximate material list - not exactly a “purchase order”.

Also, once again, I want to make a point that this is a tool made for a typical residential roofing contractor, who estimates a 20-30 sq. roof. Not a commercial roofing estimator, working on a 1000 sq. project.

Besides, we will be doing a separate roofing calculator made strictly for flat roofs, with all the flat roof specifics. We have a lot of experience in this one, as we’ve been developing and improving our own Flat Roof Calculator for over 3 years now.

Answer to your second post - when we begin work on the flat roofing calculator, the logic will be slightly different, as there are PVC roofs and TPO roofs and Rubber Roofs (EPDM) and Modified Bitumen roofs, and some extreme dudes still to hot tar and gravel stuff :mrgreen:

With all the overlaps on material, perimeter half-sheet rolls, etc, it will take some time to make this an exact tool which avoids most errors. Most likely, we will make it so that it gives you the sq. footage and length of drip-edge / flashing etc. and you calculate the exact materials yourself. This is an estimating tool first and materials calculator second.


@ WarGoddess

We might implement the Eagle View and Geoestimate, depending on how friendly their API is and if we manage to transfer data to the calculator on the fly.

@ RooferJim - you always have to do your due diligence - in fact, we might actually present the materials in linear feet and square feet, not in bundles / rolls or pieces, just to avoid the confusion in how many of each material you need to order. You will see the approximate cost, but not exact break-down, so that you do your own math when placing a materials order.


Hey guys - I know there are 5 of my posts in a row :mrgreen: - I just wanted to separate out the answers, as they were long and there were many.

Anywho, here is where we stand right now with the development of the Android version of this calculator: … report.php

I have a question for everyone:

Are us using iOS device or an Android device, and are u looking to switch form one to another? Are you more interested in a tablet version of the calculator or the phone version?

I honestly have no idea right now of how they would differ, but after we release both Android and iOS versions, we will start working on the tablet edition.


When checking into satellite imagery, check into It is a satellite roof diagramming service that I work with and also diagram for a little. They are fairly new, but might be able to offer you a more cost effective solution. If you need help with making contact with them, just send me a message.


I like the idea. I would want to be able to break it down to flashings, tear off, ice and water shield, and other variables.