Roofers shingling over old felt, is this right?


If you look to the left side of the photo with the pipe boot you will see that the shingle with the nails exposed and the shingle above it have (what looks like to me) only a 2" offset. You can see the white nail lines and they are slightly different. The next shingle above that one looks like it is the correct offset. I would make sure the roofer nailed the shingles with the proper offset or it could void the warranty.
Most laminates call for a minimum 5 5/8" offset. That will really depend on your region though.



iirc, shingles should have a bare minimum of 4" offset.
It is not good practice to do this all over the roof, 6"-8" is much better.


These shingles are owens corning. I was looking at there install instructions on there site. They call for a 6" offset and 5 5/8" exposure.


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It is just laziness, and they are just in essence pocketing extra money in the labor expense of removing and installing of the felt, and the cost of new felt. It wont hurt the roof system either way but they couldnt have inspected the decking. If you read GAF and Certainteeds installation guides they basically state felt is used for fire code, Owens Corning requires felt but all 3 companies state the local building code supercedes their installation guidelines