Roof Valley Workmanship


Our roof valley looks awful. Part of it runs over the roof. Is this normal?


Are you sure they weren’t short a piece and intend to fix it later? Cause I can’t believe anyone would think a homeowner would let that slide. BTW are you located in Australia?


Yes, in WA.
This is what our builder told us: "Because the roof is split the valley has to run out over the lower roof. Our roofing company choose to cut the sheet square because it reduces any build-up of debris, it looks neater over time and is a consistent finish for all contractors to achieve."
Is there any fix for this?


That is not true. There are some cases where it would be but not in yours. There is no reason a sheet in the middle of a valley to be cut like that other than they didn’t have one long enough.


Did your builder do any other houses in the neighborhood? If so walk around and try to find any others with valleys like that.


It looks like they put the panel on sideways.

Is that what I am seeing?


We have looked around but did not find the same case like ours.
It looks something like this up close (photo from our builder done on another house).



Nope its installed the right direction. That’s the standard roof in Australia, I live and work there over the winter when I shut down here. Seasons are opposite in Australia.


I agree.
It does appear they ran the metal 90 degrees from the hips and valleys
Instead of 90 degrees from the ground
In order so they wouldnt have to angle cut every piece in the valley and hip.
Very interesting!!