Roof price, general contractor vs big roofing company


Hello! We live in a suburban neighborhood in DC. After inquiring a bit among known general contractors and small roofing companies. We just got a quote from a big roofing company. The rep. was incredibly knowledgeble and did a great job informing us about proper ventilation, materials involved (who knew that the tarp underneath the shingles was so important) proper installation etc.
The only problem is price. This job is twice the money we were told by small companies and, the incredible thing is that WE ARE CONSIDERING IT! They would finance the project at no interest and offer a very specific and well described warranty on materials and labor for 25 years (vs “shingles are warranted for life” kind of thing) But even though… Is it worth it going from $9K to $17k we could do it BUT other also important thing will have to give. What can go wrong if we go with the 7-9k guy?
Thanks a lot!


Thats a wide spread.
Do you have a pic?


I wouldn’t trust them just for stating a 25 year workmanship warranty…

And I believe you are only considering them because they are offering financing…

Hell no, don’t do it!
Get the other company to match the underlayment at around 500 bucks or so and then go to your own personal bank.
Your bank wants to lend you money and getting a new roof is a very legit reason.
Your bank probably does it every day.
Only borrow what you need.
You might be shocked how little in interest you would actually be paying.

I like “Resisto” Ice and Water shield
Or “Grip right”-- Resisto with a grip right label.
I also like “Polyglass” if I can’t get Resisto.
I love Resisto because it is one of the ice and water shields that never wrinkles up if it sits over night.
It also doesn’t gum up your shoes when it gets hot.
The plastic wrapper comes off the back better than anybody’s. Saving time and aggravation.
Also Great traction for the roofers.


I think you are talking about felt and not ice and water shield.