Roof claim cannot be canceled?


My house has defective shingles and about 3 years ago, a roofing company came out and filed a claim to replace the whole roof. During the claim process, we found out that my deductible was 2% of house value which was almost $10,000. Roofer wanted to seek other options to reduce my portion so they continued claim, adjuster from insurance came out, and insurance company determined that their portion would be about $2,500. But Roofer couldn’t find any way to reduce my out of pocket amount significantly so I decided to cancel the claim. I contacted insurance company’s claim adjuster and asked him to cancel. They never issued me a check or payment.

Since then, I updated my insurance policy to reduce my deductible down to $1,500 by paying higher premium. Last month, I decided to pursue with replacing roof and found out that the insurance company still had my claim as “unresolved” and my situation got worse. I called the same adjuster who had handled my claim 3 years ago and he told me several things:

  1. Once claim is filed (whether it was done or not), there’s no way to cancel the claim.
  2. Because I never finished the work, it is showing as “unresolved” in their system and also in national claim registry.
  3. If there’s further damage such as leak or structure damage, insurance company won’t cover it because I never got the work done.
  4. Even if I finish the claim, my deductible would be same as 3 years ago although I currently have $1,500 deductible.
  5. Because it is showing as “unresolved”, other insurance companies won’t insure me.
  6. Since 2013, material cost has gone up but the insurance company will still pay me the amount they agreed to pay 3 years ago. Therefore, my out of pocket cost will be even higher.

Am I really stuck as I’m being told by the adjuster? I’m trying to find the best way to handle this unfortunate situation but at the same time, I don’t want to pay more than $10,000 out of my pocket because of previous claim that I didn’t proceed.

Thank you for your help in advance.


You are stuck. No other good way to say it.


Agreed. Very sorry, hate to hear that


How are the defective shingles your insurance companies problem?


As an insurance adjuster this is very unfortunate. However, the guy is right. Once the claim is filed, the only time you can cancel it is before an adjuster is assigned to the claim. Once an adjuster is assigned, it’s too late. Even if one never shows up and regardless of whether or not the insurance company pays for anything.
As for the time frame involved… the claim will always be settled for the cost at the time of the loss. Never a future date. It will also only pay based upon your coverage and deductibles at the time of the loss, not your future coverage. If this was the case, everyone would experience damage, call their agent and get the best coverage they could before they filed the claim… it doesn’t work that way.
I feel bad for your situation, but the longer you put off not having the work done, the worse it is going to get.


Half million dollar house and roof only cost 12,500.