Replacing old standing seam metal roof. New metal or shingle?


It’s come time to replace our old standing seam metal roof. This is a very old roof on a 100 plus year old home.
I’d like new standing seam metal but prices seem extremely high. Shingle quotes are coming in high as well but easier to fit in budget.
Is it generally acceptable to replace the old tin roof with shingle? What would you pros put on?
Located in Wisconsin


The choice is really up to you. To replace your tin standing seam with real standing seam will likely be 3x the cost of a standard architectural shingle. The standing seam roof will also last 2-3x the life of a standard shingle roof.

If making the investment in metal I recommend finding an experienced metal contractor and going with mechanically double locked standing seam, that is the same process by which your tin roof that lasted 100 years was installed.


Do you have any pics of your roof? I’ve pressure washed and repainted several very old standing seam roofs in the past. I’d bet money that those roofs still would have out lasted a brand new shingle roof.


Do the shingle bids include the price of covering the existing skip sheathing with new plywood/osb? Skip sheathing is very common under old SS roofs.


Pictures of the roof would be good. You may be able to apply an elastomeric coating for less than the cost of shingles. You can get a 20 yr warranty, maybe longer, but you need the right contractor to do it.


And if I had to pay out of pocket, I would go with Architectural shingles. They are cheaper and if a storm roles through, your insurance company will pay for a new roof.

Have you had it checked for storm related damage that is covered under your insurance policy?


What does a 100year old tin standing seam roof get prorated to by insurance? Just curious.


It is either 0% (RCV policy) or 80% (ACV policy).

Depends on the policy.