Replacing a flat roof domed skylight with a walk-on skylight



We’ve got two skylights on our terrace which really get in the way:

Is there any way to replace those skylights with skylights that would be flush with the terrace? I can’t seem to find any information on that online, so I hope you guys can help me out.


It’s not likely that you will find such an item, the skylight needs to be above the surface of the roof or it will turn into a drain.

A very nice walkout patio you have there.


Thanks for your reply! I was afraid it might not be an easy job. I do wonder though how they build those flush walk-on skylights? I might just build up the floor around them by adding wooden decking so they don’t stick out as much.


Walk on skylights or, flush glaze skylights are a reality. They are rare in the states. Thus making both the actual skylight and installers difficult to find. I found this company in New Jersey


Thanks! I’m surprised they aren’t more common, because they seem both practical and stunning. I imagine the main issue is the price they cost.


The linked skylights still required a curb. Still sit minimum 6" off of the roof surface.


I would be hesitant to build up the deck around it. You would be increasing the chances of someone stepping on the skylight. The outcome of that is never pretty.


That is unfortunately true. I guess we’ll just have to live with the skylights as they are right now.


The skylights inset like this with tempered and snow load you can walk on
them. The install, although not your everyday scenario, is not a difficult
one. Problem is you would need to re deck this the whole area to get it to
be flush mounted. You can put a new skylight right over that existing curb
and use it as a table for the plants and what not. Given that your existing
roof is in good condition you can get a velux built to just about any size
and place it right over the existing curb. it will be flat not rounded ad
look a million time better. plus you dont need to hire someone for
something this small.


Lehay, I agree totally with Southers. Glass curb mount skylights are relatively inexpensive and are way more durable, and are transparent! The view from inside is so much nicer as well as the look of the skylight outside. My company routinely makes custom sized skylights if you have trouble finding the size to match your existing curb. If you need any guidance on measuring or replacing the skylight, David will help you out if you call the store. We are in Atlanta.