Replace shingle on top row under ridge vent?


Hi everyone,
I just weathered Irma and luckily we made it in one piece. But I did have some shingles blow off. Upon inspection of my roof I noticed that some of my shingles on the very top row (not to be confused with the shingles on top of my ridge vent) were bent back against the ridge vent and are now cracked. My problem is that the nail holding the cracked shingle down appears to be the same nail that is used to attach the ridge vent to the roof. At least it looks that way. I’m not experienced on roofing matters more than replacing shingles. Does anyone have any insight on how the top row of shingles are attached before the ridge vent is put on? Was wondering if I’m gonna have to remove the ridge vent to properly replace those cracked shingles. The roof is only three years old and I was told that hurricane damage is not included in the warranty. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Yes just remove the vent and it will be easy, you can go through the whole rigamarole and just pull the nails on 1 side but it’s pretty easy to just remove it all together.


Yeah, you are gonna want to remove the ridge vent to repair those shingles. It depends on what type of ridge vent you have if it can be reused or if its better to replace it all together.


Can you tell me how to figure out how to determine if I can nail it back down and not replace the whole vent? It’s about 40 feet long and I only need to replace two shingles. And thanks for your reply.


Post some pics so we can tell what type of ridge vent we are working with and the location of the damaged shingles.


Remove the vent and it will be easy to replace the cracked one.