Replace nails for removed shingles


this might be a dumb question or picky
removed bottom 2 courses of shingles for to replace dry rot sheathing and last row of boards under sheathing on a overhang. everything went very well
not sure why there was dry rot here right around the end of this one overhang rafter, house is 38 years old and there’s about 45 rafters supporting the overhang along the house, the dry rot was right around the end of the rafter. the rafter itself is perfectly fine just the boards and sheathing, sheathing is strand board not plywood so I think this is an isolated occurrence
but back to the issue, now to nail back the 2nd (upper) course shingle, the original nails at the top of the shingle were ok to get out by rolling up the 3rd course and sneaking in the cats paw and pry bar but there’s no way to get a hammer that far up to the top of the shingle to replace those nails, no matter how much I try to roll up the 3rd course
what to do?
just nail about 3 inches down from the original nails where I can work the hammer and tar the old nail holes?
or some trick to nail that far back up?
thanks for any suggestions


Are you sure your nailing in the right location? The nails go approximately 1/2" above where the next shingle overlaps.
You would need to remove the nails holding the 3rd row in to get the second row out.
I would recommend hand sealing any lifted shingles.

I think you might have removed the 3rd courses nails the hard way.


thanks for the reply, its not the 3rd course, no nails removed there, its only the top of the 2nd course where the orig nails were only about 1" from the top, I will tar those holes and just nail about 4 inches down from the top its about the closest to the top where i can swing a hammer, that shingle isn’t going anywhere any way


Unless the shingles were only nailed at the top there is no way you didnt pull the 3rd courses nails to remove the second.
Best of luck.


thanks for follow up, guess I was confused, 3rd course or any next course up
from the row being removed for sure the nails must come out and nailing back
highest course removed only involves lifting up the bottom edge of next course up
was removing at dusk to mitigate the sacramento heat but then reinstatled early
morning cool with much better light