Raised shingles and other items, does this look "normal"?


Hello, so I am concerned with several areas of our new roof. We just had the roof replaced after a hailstorm and used a reputable local company. I had concerns with some uneven edging (the metal appears to be bent up pretty bad in spots) and some raised shinges, but they told us these would lay down after a few days of hot weather. Also to note, these shingles were not put on the top of the old shingles, we watched them remove all the under layer, put a new sheeting stuff down, then re-shingle with the new architect shingles.

Well, I live in Louisiana and it’s June, so we’ve had about a week and a half of 90+ degree days, most of which have full sun and HOT, and the shingles I’ve had concern with are just as “popped up” as they were before, still no improvement. My husband wants to believe them and thinks this will flatten out in time, but I have major concerns that if it has not flattened out already, it will not and that they need to fix these issues manually as I do not believe they will just fix on their own in time. I am certainly NOT a professional roofer however, so wanted to get your opinions on if this looks normal, or if I should press them to fix these items, as they certainly do NOT look normal to me and none of my neighbors houses which also have architectural shingles, seem to have these issues.

Here is a spot of raised shingle on the side of our house:


Ok, so these are from the front of the house. My concern here are the lifted or “bubbled up” shingles there in one spot. I have both a normal pic, then one where I zoomed in so you could see how much it is actually lifted:


A close up of the prior image:

…sorry I had all these pics in one fluent post, but because I’m a new user it won’t let me post but ONE pic per post…


This is another spot of lifted shingles on the side of the house:


This is just another angle of the prior pic:


Here is a view of the very back of the house. The shingles around the base of the chimney just looks like it was done incorrectly (on the right top side area, they are just cut at an angle or perhaps are crooked and don’t even sit flush with the side of the chimney):


Here’s another pic of the chimney issue, and on the right of the pic by the other vent thing (on it’s side-bottom left), there is another raised up spot of shingles:


And on the opposite side portion of our house, here is another raised up area, and you can kind of see how the metal is a bit bent here as well:


This is just a quick snapshot of the metal flashing or whatever that goes under the edge of the roof and runs around the entire house. The metal is bent up pretty bad in some spots, and it’s a shiny reflective metal, so it looks REALLY uneven when viewing it from afar, because you can see shiny blue-like reflections in spots, yet in others the shingle covers it, and then again…the metal is just really bent up, almost like they damaged it with the ladder when getting on/off the roof. It’s pretty much like this around the entire house, but this is just one section:


Another pic of the metal stuff, just like a little ways down from the prior pic:


Again, sorry for the fifty posts, but that’s the only way I could show all the pics. Also sorry for the quality of the pics, just snapped it with my phone camera, not a good camera.

So, in your opinion should I not worry with any of these items? Do you think the raised shingles will flatten in time, and just think that while chimney area is odd and the metal edging stuff is bent, they are ok, and just part of the normal oddities you see in roofing. I just want to be sure these are minor and/or will be ok in time, or if I should have them correct these items before it’s too late.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


You have some “fish mouths” that a roofer can correct.

The roofers should have corrected those before they left.
I would cut them and cement any nails that might be close to the cuts.

Those big ones need to be cut.
The small ones will burn down.


Roof lover is correct about the humps in the shingles. From the pictures you posted I agree that its not a top of the line job but honestly I think its pretty standard from what you get from an average roofing company these days. I see no big red flags. Did you get other quotes? If this was one of the more expensive ones I’d say you have the right to complain about some of those things. If they were on the cheaper side I’d just ask for the fish mouths repaired (its not difficult) and leave the rest be.


I am a new member and just came across this post. Curious how this turned out? Some of these fish mouths look extremely large to be a point of application error alone. Do you know how the shingles were stored,stacked, and transported? Looks like they were stacked in to many layers squishing the bottom bundles. Its lengthy to fully explain but the asphalt can be degraded if under pressure especially in a high heat environment.


The Shingles Look Tight …Or Popped Nails