Quick ? Which shingle is better material? Also , if $ is tight would you go metal or asphalt?


CertainTeed or PABCO Premier with algae block ScotchGuard Shingles?


Pabco shingles are not available in my area but I am a believer that shingles are on the low end of the roofing quality scale and doubt any are gonna substantially out last any others provided they are installed correctly, and i am someone who installs mostly asphalt shingles. Also, before anyone opens their mouth, yeah, i know about the class action law suits over defective ones in the past. Metal would be a better option, but not if you are tight on cash cause the cheap types of metal roofs (the type with 1000s of exposed screws) are no better than shingles IMO. To get a better quality metal roof expect to pay nearly 2x the price of a shingle roof.


The Certainteed installer is including the Certainteed 5-Star coverage while the Pabco installer includes a 30yr. labor warranty with its long established regional roofing company. The price difference is minimal.
Although the installer is promising you a 30yr. warranty through its company, you have to remember that companies go under daily, and owners sell their business and spend the rest of their life fishing on a secluded lake.
At any rate, the warranty they are promising you is just the factory warranty through their company as a factory authorized installer. Both warranties are from the factory in the end, and both products are excellent in my opinion. I would let the installers duke it out over the labor costs and not concern myself with who says what that isn’t on paper.


30 years is on the far outside edge of how long asphalt shingles will normally last, so I would disqualify the clown that says he’s going to warranty it for 30 yrs.

There are no PABCOs in my market so I am not familiar with them, Certainteed however is one of the best brands in general.


If you are in the west, the Pabco shingles are available. They are great shingles and perform well.


I think both suck. We are fighting tooth and nail right now with Certainteed over a blatant manufacturer’s defect. They are refusng to honor their warrant. Regardless, I would recommend you focus on choosing the best installer. That’s far, far more important than which shingle you choose. Case in point, the shingle manufacturer’s warranty is totally irrelevant if they refuse to honor it.