Questions about re-roof



Just had roof done after Hail damage. Questions about a few things?

  1. Are the shingle popping up from nails?
  2. Should the skylight nails be caulked?
  3. Is this flashing OK on the chimney?



Chimney flashing looks fine. No one will be able to tell if its nails sticking up causing the shingle or if the shingle just need a bit of sun to lay down completely most likely) unless they get a better look. I do feel those nails in the skylight flashing should have been caulked though.


It’s hard to tell with the chimney but on the surface it looks fine.

The shingles are still new and haven’t laid down completely yet.

The skylight flashing doesn’t require nails to hold it down as in the picture but since they did that yes they should be covered with some type of sealant.

Aside from the exposed nails on the flashing it looks like they did it right, many don’t run the shingle high enough under the skylight and they cover the metal with a shingle, both of which are not correct.


I do see a couple of humps.
One on the far left and one on far right.
Easily corrected.

Chimney counter flashing looks pretty good.
I could be wrong and i hope i am
But it looks that maybe the base flashing is missing on the top left side of that cricket.
Definite leak if so!

Skylight exposed fasteners need to be sealed.
And any other exposed fasteners on the roof.
Easily dealt with.


The nails in the skylight flashing should be removed and replaced with a metal to wood TEK screws with a neoprene grommet. That nail will eventually back out and then the circus starts.


I do agree with you that screws are better for such situations nails are the industry standard (in my area at least) and feel that after those nails are caulked they are no more likely to back out than any of the other (unexposed) nails in the skylight flashing.


I agree with everyone. Yep, that area at the cricket, where it touches the brick, below the counter. I always caulk that area.


It looks like the step is short on one side of the chimney. That area needs to be scissor locked to be reliable.
The nails in the skylight should be caulked, and aren’t needed or recommended by the manufacturer. That flashing can be nailed under the shingles on the side with no need for face fasteners