Question about shingle overhang


Hello everyone, so I just got my roof done and Im not sure its correct. Here are some photos. The original aluminum flashing was in the shape of a “C” and capped the fascia boards. They bent “S” shaped flashing (so theres a lip that is supporting the shingle then the flat face for the fascia then another lip going in the other direction towards the house to cover the bottom of the fascia) after the shingles were put down and now to me it seems the shingles are too short. Will water roll under the shingle and then run behind the flashing to the fascia now? What do you guys thing? solutions? Thanks!


That style fascia metal is very common where I live, we usually overhang it 1/2". I have removed lots of roofs with 1/4" overhang past the lip, and rarely is there any signs of water intrusion.