Question about cosmetic issues I notice on new roof


I can only speculate on what the installer was thinking but what I am looking at in the picture appears to be counter flashing.

It’s not going to blow off because it’s screwed into the roof deck, the part that is supposed to be embedded into a mortar joint can be separated from the brick allowing water to get behind it when wind drives rain against the structure.

Again, this is supposed to last 20 - 25 yrs out in the elements the entire time, thermal cycling alone will cause it to pull away from the wall over time.


Hello all again!

Just a final update for anyone reading that might care. Another person from the company came today, agreed it was improper, and fixed it to my liking. As you can see once their metal was removed, a slit was hiding behind it for it to be flashed correctly using a more appealing brown caulk (than black)


I suspected that there was no flashing behind the old counter flashing.


Glad to hear the contractor did the right thing. Looks good! Way to stick to your guns and get what you paid for.


Looks great!
Thanks for reporting back!!
Glad We could help. :wink: :slight_smile: