Question about cosmetic issues I notice on new roof


Greetings! I just had a full removal and a new roof installed by a reputable company known in many regions. It was a lot of money and I also picked an architectural shingle, class 4 shingle. However, I am noticing a few cosmetic eyesores that were not like this on my old roof. Can someone let me know if this is normal or if there should of been an alternative method to make it look more appealing? I just can’t imagine If I decide to sell the house. If I were a buyer in a middle to upper class neighborhood, I would think it looks like a temporary fix or comes off as a potential prior issue with the roof. I don’t know much about roofs but I imagine it’s flashing of some sort to protect the house? I’m all for that but it’s very visible on my back deck and from the ground. I have not talked to the company yet as I wanted to get some other opinions first.

Thanks for your feedback and help.


Could be a little more attractive and it isn’t installed in the best method, but no matter what it has to be there.


The flashing under soffit is acceptable because it’s not exposed to the weather. The head wall flashing is poor workmanship. They should have notched in a counter flashing into brick. Regardless of the type of neighborhood this is like a patch job and is a leak risk.


Top left okay. Other two, unacceptable.


I’ve never seen a headwall flashed like that, weird bends and all and didn’t even bother to cut a raggle to slide it into.

It looks like they used tar to seal them, if it is tar it will dry out and crack.


If we are talking astheticly then yes, It does looks like crap. :wink: I’d make them paint the metal to match roof. The caulk job is bad. We refer to this caulking style as “spluging”. Lol
But in all seriousness, as far as functionality goes, the black caulking should have been tooled. (Spread) To prevent any cracking from expand/contract.


First of all, thank you all for the replies. It is nice to know people still contribute their time to helping others. The internet is an amazing place.

I forwarded this thread to my project manager. He stated you guys are looking at it from a picture and doesn’t know your qualifications. Ironic because he is looking at it from a picture as well since I know he did not inspect it personally when he did the walk around (thanks security cams). Regardless, he did mention he would have someone come over and make the goop/caulk more smooth but that is ALL that can be done from his part. Also he says it is not a tar, but some high grade material that should last for the lifetime of my warranty. He told me I should paint the metal if I want.

Would you accept this? This isn’t some $5000 craigslist install. The job was almost $17k for 34 squares (new roof&gutters) for what I thought was going to be only the best. I have a case of OCD and walking by this every day kind of irks me. I don’t know what else to tell him to do since I don’t know anything about roofing and he apparently did not understand any of your suggestions or take a liking to them. Is there any more layman terms? Here is another picture of where the flashing metal is.


Should have definitely been cut in.You grind a straight groove to tuck flashing into for functionality as well as asthetics.It looks much nicer and when that tar dries out ,that flashings going to pull away from the house.Id have them re-flash those two straight runs!!!


Tell the guy if it isn’t done correctly by Friday, you’re going to make a report to the BBB, Angie’s List and Google Business Listing and also post the pictures. See how quick he comes out and fixes it.


Job is done correctly!
Is this in florida?
Has it been city inspected?


On a sidenote, that sidewall should have a kickout diverter at the bottom. As its done, that window is going to be getting a lot of the water off that wall.
A properly installed kickout would shoot a large% of the water into that gutter.


Thanks all again for the replies! A manager from the office called and is sending someone out next weekend to fix the flashing. I trust it will be taken care of properly or I’ll hire a 3rd party to resolve it if needed. Lastly @roof_lover, no not Florida – Kentucky.

For those in the business, I hope 2017 is the best yet for you! $$$$$$$


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Not the bottem of every wall do you need a kickout.
A very short wall that "has its own roof"
doesnt need a Kickout.

There is nothing wrong with this flashing job!!
It is the non matching sealant at the top of your eye level side roof that is offending you.
He shouldnt have used that black sealant there.
It just doesnt match and it is staring you in the face right there at eye level.
He should have used the brown.
peel, cut or go over the black sealant
with a brown polyurethane sealant.
Just prepare roofer to have brown polyureathane caulking BEFORE he gets there, ok.

He will satisfy you.
I hope.
Just know that a roofers bead of exposed sealant
Is a whole lot bigger and isnt as attractive as a painters bead of caulk that is made to be invisible.

Be nice please.
Be forgiving.
God loves you!


You paid for premium materials and workmanship. The good news is, you received great materials from what I can tell. However, the workmanship as related to flashing is awful. This company should read up on counter flashing. The technique they used is flawed and will fail long before the shingles do. When it comes to your home you should be more careful. Talk to several contractors, ask for references and call them. Stay away from large franchises as they are generally overpriced and use unqualified labor.


To me it appears the brick along the bottom window sill sticks way out, giving a good covering to the top of the metal. It looks like it has plenty enough of an overhang I wouldn’t be concerned with a counter flashing. Should have went with a brown caulk though, something that blends with the brick better.


That doesn’t make it right or acceptable.


My point was that yes in fact it is only a cosmetic issue.


But it’s not just a cosmetic issue, there is nothing holding the top of the counter flashing in place except the caulk.

This is supposed to last out in the weather for the next 25 years, things need to be secured properly lest they blow off.

I’d wager that if the counter flashing was removed we would find that there is no headwall flashing in place.


No clue what it is you are looking at. The headwall flashing has a number of screws holding it down to the deck, and there is no counter flashing at all. Nothing to blow off due to not being secure.