Pulling a roofer off a job


I realize this is extreme, but I’m tired of amateur hour going on.

I’m a home owner, who hired a certified roofer (also a gen contractor) to do my 43square, 4/12 single story roof.

He’s putting atlas pinnacle with the scotchguard/copper. I’m sceptical of the copper claim, as my job is spraying retention ponds in Florida. I use chelated copper or copper sulfate as the primary algaecide; however, I can’t tell you the number of ponds I treat copper resistant algae on. Algae will become resistant to copper after regular treatments, so we’ll see what happens with this new atlas product!

Moving on, although not written in the scope of work, the contractor and I had a verbal agreement, repeated many times to replace an existing 40 year old galvanized chimney box that surrounds the still good flue, included in the job but charged at $55/sheet of wood. The existing chimney box leaked at the valley and had no cricket.

We’re on day 6 of the job, and the tear off (double layer) is done, but he just called me trying to spell the chimney box for $2k, saying that it will require a cricket.

Little does the roofer know I’m a hobby carpenter who has a full fledged wood shop in the garage. I’ve built two wood boats, furniture, cabinets, etc.

He gives me some song and dance about how a 24"x24" box requires framing and a cricket. And he’s not sure I understand just how complex a cricket is. The box too will require framing.

I’m out of town, and traveling home now. I’m thinking about telling him to collect his tools and get off my roof.

Reasons: 1) he’s trying to take advantage of the situation (me out of town, roof half done) to get an up spell that’s outrageous. If he quoted $500, reasonable. $2,000… my bloods boiling

  1. 6 days on 40 squares… am I wrong in expectations of a 2 or 3 day job? We haven’t had any weather delays

  2. considering the prior roof failed at the chimney valley, wouldn’t it be prudent to put a cricket in? The chimney is pretty far from the ridge, it’s Florida, and that’s a lot of rain/water. I get it, a good flashing job “shouldn’t” fail, but a cricket just seems like good practice. The fact this wasn’t in his original plans indicates to me a corner cut.

Am I wrong to tell him to leave?

Also, if I’ve lost faith in the installer, I’ve lost faith in the atlas product. How do I get atlas to take back the unused shingles as the roof is only half done.

Not sure if I’m going to pay the guy, or just swallow a partial bill. Seriously, I’m pretty fair with people, golden rule and all. But when I feel I’m getting squeezed, I don’t tolerate that we’ll.


I’m going to try and answer your questions in the order they appear. Just an fyi, I am in Ohio and roofing materials, pricing, and technique can change from region to region.

Copper is an algaecide that has some benefit. However, as you’ve already experienced in your own profession, copper doesn’t guarantee no algae will grow and/or thrive.

A verbal agreement is hard to enforce. If it’s not in writing it never happened. Not trying to be a jerk here. Just pointing out that contractors talk to lots of potential customers. He could have forgot, intentially mislead, or just seen an unseen issue that is altering his plans.

2k is high for a cricket and chimney box. I could see the higher charge if adding the cricket and chimney box was a stand alone project. Seeing as this is being done at the same time as the roof I would be in the $500 to 1k range. Price would vary based on size and complexity. Pictures would be helpful, but, even then, I wouldn’t give a definite quote without doing a full inspection.

6 days on a 40 square roof is a bit much. On average, we finish 40 square roofs in a day and a half. Some times in one day if the crew is feeling frisky. However, if your roof has a complex design, has a lot of wood rot or other damage this could sliw down the process. Since you are having the chimney box rebuilt and a cricket added I I would plan in 3 days if all else is in good shape. Keep in mind our crews are large and consist of 8 plus guys/gals.

If the roof failed at the chimney a cricket might be a good idea. Depends on why the roof failed at the chimney. I have seen very few crickets in my 20 plus years in the roofing industry. I have however seen many roofs leak around chimneys due to poor flashing, wrong flashing, and poor workmanship. I’ve also seen roofs fail from old age and never leak around a properly flashed chimney.

Firing your contractor is a tough thing. If he has a contract with you he could choose to enforce it. Unless the contract supports your position he’ll likely push the issue. You’ll still have to pay him for the work he completed. If you do fire your contractor. Do you have a suitable replacement? Can you find one quickly? If your roof is torn off already, time is of the essence. Weather is indiscriminate and will cause serious damage to a house with it’s roof torn off. I would suggest sitting down and reviewing your contract with him and try to get the job done peaceably at a fair price. If that fails. Do what you have to do to protect your home.

If you purchased the materials your self you should be able to return them to the supplier you bought them from. Minus a restocking fee, of course.
If the roof is half done. It probably behooves you to use the shingles you have to avoid color match and other issues. The other option would be, tearing off the completed work and starting fresh. Only you can decide what options are best for you.


Im in florida,
Code is cricket must be installed for anything over
32 inches wide.
Im betting your pre-fab chimney is not this wide.

I think the real problem here is that your roofer cant find a supplier that sells these pre-fab chimneys anymore.
They use to be available and it seems that hardly no one is making them anymore.
I have encountered the same problem.

So now he is contemplating building his own
Which is quite a bit of work.

He really could probably save the existing chimney
And replace the flashing if that is where it is leaking.

But a better job would be to build his own if he knows what hes doing.
Yes, he will make a grand or more in profit doing it.
That is not unreasonable.

Telling him to leave and ask the supplier to take the rest of the material back because you’r not paying would be unwise.
They wont do that.
The supplier will immediately send a notice to owner
To put a lien on your house.

Stay calm and get your roof completed now!!
No other roofer is going to want to get involved.
And if they do, they are slow on work
Which is a bad sign
And if i was willing to give you a quote
(Only because i highly respect and honor the person you got my name from)
I would charge you quite a bit.


A grand or more, on top of current job profit, in profit? I’m quitting my day job and building chimney boxes.

We’re talking about a 24x24" box, that’s waist high. Basic carpentry skills. Circular saw, miter saw, nail gun. Paint brush, tube of caulking. If it’s a 1 man job and you take all day, for $1,000 in profit… doesn’t add up. That’s $15/hour labor skill, not brain surgery.

For me to pay some that much, in post tax dollars, I’d have to work a solid week to 10 days! No thanks!


Truthfully i can replace someones roof faster
Than i can replace someones chimney.
Takes time to have the chimney cap fabricated.
Takes time for a quality paint job.

86 squares of tear off… Ughhh
It is so hot where i’m at.
Only the Youngest, stongest most determined men can do this work!
I hope none of these men feel unappreciated…


2000$ sounds very high for chimney box and Cricket. Here in pa we install copper crickets on many jobs to replace existing crickets and also to correct leaks. In conjunction with new roof out price for building and installing flat seam copper cricket is 450$ up to 10sqft and 38$ per additional sq ft. As to the chimney box the prefab are hard to find anymore. What I have done on several jobs is to wrap the old box in ice shield, flash properly, wrap in another layor of shied then fabricate a new box 1/2" bigger out of .032 or .050 aluminum to slide over entire thing then solder new cap out of copper or lead coated copper depending on aluminum color… Last 2 I did charged 600. Of existing box is rusted out a new one could easily be made out of plywood or densglass depending on code and covered in aluminum the same way avoiding the need for Painting/maintenance.