Preventing clogged gutter backup from rotting fascia


I have rotted facia and plywood from gutter backups. There was no drip edge.

This is the worst area

Most look like this:

This is what happens now if water backs up:

even adding a drip edge, water could still get behind the aluminum:

I thought bringing a 6" strip of ice and water shield 1" onto the fascia trim, then installing the drip edge and then overlapping a 2nd piece of the ice and water shield over the 1st one and the drip edge:

Is there a better method? What is the right way to keep water from getting to the fascia?

I did find what looks like a leak free design online, but it has a gutter with a back higher than the front (which I have never seen) and a metal flashing that overlaps the fascia wrap that goes on 1st, followed by I&W plus a drip edge: I hope a link is ok, I can remove if not.


That looks like it will work. All gutters I’ve seen/used have a higher back then front. Also the best way to prevent that type of damage is a little thing called maintenance,clean your gutter out two or three times a year! I have trees around my house,so I have to clean mine at least three times a year.


I agree on the maintenance! Since I did the temporary repairs I have kept the gutters cleaned out for the most part. I don’t think they have enough slope either toward the downspout.

I want to use the hidden hangers for the new gutter. I’ll see if the back edge is higher - it would certainly make sense. If the vertical leg of the drip edge were long enough, I could set the entire gutter a little lower.

It just seems like a vulnerable area. The other idea I had was since i am getting metal bent for the fascia wrap, do people ever bring that one-piece metal up onto the sheathing? Say use a 10" wide piece of coil stock, bend the bottom 90 so it’s 1 1/2", then bring it up the fascia and bend it back to match the roof pitch over the sheathing, then I&W overlapping it. My only concern would be expansion and potential for buckling.
Like this:


As long as they dont get plugged and you got enough slope,…you wont have the backing up problem.


It sounds like you’re looking for a way to prevent the gutter cleaning process. Go get some gutter guard product Like Alu-Rex so any material (leaves, needles, etc) flows over your gutter instead of in it.


Thanks for the suggestion. While I don’t like the gutter cleaning, since discovering this leak and damage I have been more attentive to it and do have gutter covers that work OK. That Alu-rex looks nicer.

I was just looking for suggestions on making it better. I try to upgrade or make improvements to any areas of my home that I have to repair in order to prevent or mitigate a repeat of the damage in the future. Some of the other threads on drip edge and ice & water seem to suggest overlapping the fascia so I am going to go with that method.


The oldtimers had it right. Back in the day with wood gutters theyld install wood blocks between the gutter & fascia. After that they came along with 1/2 round gutters which stayed off the fascia as well. Both systems are great, if they did get clogged theyld just spill over & not rot the fascia. Also, dont go back with wood fascia! Use composite/synthetic like Azek board or Trex board. Never have to scrap & paint it again & never rot.


Another option that isnt shown is a roof mounted gutter. I suggest copper, but whatever you use the gutter would be one pc. w/ the nail flange fabricated right w/ the gutter. Your installer can also fab a taper into it if he knows what he is doing.


All them drawings are incorrect. They all show the gutter to the top of the fascia. The gutter should never be installed that high. I dont know where you live but around here if you install a gutter that high the snow & ice will wipe it out when they slide off the roof.


The easiest way to prevent rot from gutter and fascia problems is to routinely clean your gutters.Gutter cleaning is vital to your home.