Pipe flashing question


I am wondering if this will be ok, or if i should splice part of a shingle in so the flashing isnt right at the end of the shingle. Also, the install instructions for the flashing (its made by Rinnai for their tankless WH vent) want me to put 4 1.5" screws along the bottom edge of the flashing. This seems like a bad idea, should i skip it? Thanks!


It would be better if a full shingle went around that pipe. I would cut that shingle back.
Neoprene washer screws in the front are fine, 4 is probably overkill


Put a full shingle on the top. We set the whole pipe flashing in a bed of roof cement and forget the screws on the bottom.


That heater flashing is actually a metal lathe, vinyl coated. I normally put 3 nails up the sides and 3 across the bottom. Caulk under your shingles to the base. Yep, I’d try to get a full shingle away from the edge of the base. Looks good.


OK, so cut back the 2 with X’s and put a full shingle over each course?

I wish it was metal, but its just plastic.


You Can cut both back and replace with full shingles. The important one to replace is the lower one that breaks evenly with the flange.