Pic of Cedar Siding/Roofing Issue


I am currently under contract to purchase a town home and the adjoining unit has warped/rotted siding that is connected to my potential roof. There are no signs of water damage inside the home but I’m wondering if this could cause a major problem for roof leakage in the future and whether I should find another potential home given that I anticipate the seller pointing the finger at the neighbor to have it repaired vice versa. Thanks in advance for your commentary.


Most definitely is a cause for concern. It could go in between the walls and not be noticeable until it comes out on the floor


Looks like the siding was cut to close from the start.


There should be some kind of lockout diverter there. If the water resistive barrier was done right and they have flashing pushing the water back out it could be fine. The siding definitely has seen better days and should be replaced.
That’s pretty obvious though and the additional rot on a siding job is not too extensive depending who you hire. I certainly don’t think it’s a reason you should pass on the house if you like everything else.


I’d wager that the siding is warping like that because it’s not primed & painted on both sides and it is cut too close to the roof.


Thank you for weighing in.


Thank you! Assuming that the resistive barrier and flashing is already properly installed along the entire wall… When you say lockout diverter, are you only referring to an end piece that diverts the water into the gutter or is there more to it?


Thank you for replying.


Thanks for weighing in on this.


I’m sorry it was supposed to read kick out diverter. We mainly use dryflekt kickouts, without gutters they can look bulky but with gutters they blend right in. You can put it in google and it will explain it better. I have taken apart many walls with the wall right under a roof end with extensive damage. This can also be achieved with a field cut flashing to kick it back but it will be cut and folded so a pin hole is still possible to let small amounts in. Plus if you get snow and ice like we do in nh they get damaged easier than the dryflekts.


While I agree that the factory ones are nicer, it is possible to fold one without any cuts.
This is off Google but it gets the idea across

They aren’t common here yet, so I get lots of rotten walls to repair.


^^^^^ needs to be soldered^^^^^^^


I’ve been roofing in the Cleveland area for 18 years now. If I had to guess I’ve run into maybe 10 kickout diverter.


Hey that’s pretty clever I’ll definitely be doing this.