Opening a Roofing Company

#44 is ramping up leads across US. Our free market place could drive some business in your area when we get a request. It would be worth looking into if getting more jobs is a focus. We only want 2-3 roofers per territory.


We have a lot of leads available in Florida if interested let me know!


Hey rooflife, I read your posts today and am new to this site. Wanted to see how things have been for yall! rootin for ya!


If I would have seen this post in the beginning, I would have recommended you to save money and have a emergency fund for your business and personal account before you started your company. yet I look back and I did not have much when I started. In my state and the time I started, liability insurance was cheap. I subbed residential work off of other contractors. I made about $1,500-$2,000 a week profit running 1 crew. I was the foreman and was onsite everyday.
As things grew I avoided debt at all cost. I paid cash for everything and I saved, saved, saved. My personal household was on a STRICT BUDGET! We lived on a minimal amount so we could build a business. My kids were young so they knew know better.
When I had enough cash saved I started my office, phone numbers, website (they were new then), phone book ad (BIG money back then) and started selling my own work. I worked the field during the day and sold in the evenings and day if needed. I trained foreman and started selling full time. Then I hired a salesman who was better at sales than I was so I ran the company and project managed.
years later I got into buying and selling real-estate (flipping homes). With the real estate crash it was a no brainer! Now I have rentals, property management, and a roofing company. Whether it be buying equipment or properties I do not buy it if I cannot afford it! In other words if I don’t have the cash to buy it, I cannot afford it!
If you run a company on that basis, you will undoubtedly be financially successful.


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