Old Decks over Living space in Co-op


I live in a 30 year old co-op that needs new decking as the are all over living space and were torch on that is now so very old and the decks were redone about 5 years ago but I can’t seem to find much information on those. If any one has any experience with co-ops, it’s no surprise that I can’t get any information on the previous deck install.
I would like to move away from torch on as it is being walked on but had seen some info on your site here about 3 coatings of torch on.
I would like to move to vinyl but would like to know some professional/experienced opinions before we start such an expensive venture. I have been told that torch on is no good for walking space and because it’s over living space, I would like to have the best job I can get ( of course) but we do have a budget and would also like to ask what the price difference in general is between vinyl and torch on. Thanks


What we do for walking decks is 3 ply modified, heavy ventilated base sheet, smooth torch down, then layor of granular torch, then install soft surfaces interlocking pavers. Imo it’s a great system because you have a bulletproof roof and the pavers are easily removed and reused for repairs/ roof replacement.