Odor from roofing caulk/sealant


I hope someone might be able to give me some information about a problem I am having. About 2 weeks ago I had a new shingle roof installed, Landmark shingles with the full Certainteed line up of accessories like underlayment, ridge vent, etc. It looks very nice and I am happy with the roof. However, I am having an ongoing issue with the odor from the roofing caulk/sealant. It was used around the flashing for our skylights, and when the house is under negative pressure (like when the range hood is on), it draws down an awful chemical smell that to me smells like acetone. I waited for it to cure and go away, but it has not, so far.

I asked if we could replace our skylights, hoping that might help the air leakage issue since ours were old. The roofer replaced them today with some very nice Velux ones with a gasket, yet the same problem persists. (We did not replace the flashing, just the curb mount skylight itself.) Our house had an “energy retrofit” remodel a few years ago and they made the house very air tight. Thus, we get air leakage drawn in from areas like somehow around the skylights, and it brings in this smell.

The roofer and I verified that the odor I am smelling is from the caulk. He brought an open tube and it was exactly the same smell. He verified it was used around the original skylight flashings, that is what they use with every roof, though he said no one else has ever had an issue like mine with the smell coming in their home and bothering them.

The product is called “Prime Adhere” and as far as I can tell, is a high quality roofing caulk that is identical to “Pro Seal 34”.

If anyone out there has used either of these products, can you let me know how long it takes to stop smelling? At this point the only options I have are to wait it out and hope the smell goes away, or have the roofer come back and tear up the roof around the skylights and install all new flashings using a different caulk. He is reluctant to do that for many reasons, but mainly because he specifically uses this type of caulk because he says it will not peel and cause skylight leaks. I do not want leaks, but this odor is so unpleasant for me.

Thank you for any advice!



Looked up PA. It’s a acrylic sealant so not sure why the st1nk…I was originally thinking it was outgassing from a good polyurethane sealant


Your best bet is to wait it out. I’m unfamiliar with that type of caulk. Ripping up a roof to change out the caulk is neither responsible, nor cost effective.

As for skylight problems, if you’re relying on caulk rather than the skylight flashing kit that is sold with it, you didn’t do yourself any favors. Those flashing kits are needed to prevent leaks.



It’s very well flashed (the skylight). The caulk was applied in the corners of the flashing, where the flashing was folded over to direct rainwater away from the skylight. It probably has a name in roofing but that’s the best I can describe it. The smell leaks in regardless.


It has been 3 weeks since the roof was done, and I’m wondering what would be a reasonable amount of time to wait out the odor of the caulking.


You will have to consult the manufacturer to inquire about cure rates. It is unusual to have most caulks giving off an odor 3 weeks after it was applied.

Has the odor lessened in that time?


? HOW Thick is the sealant applied ?


It has lessened but it still definitely there (the odor).

It was applied quite thickly, it looks like from the photo my husband took when he went on the roof recently. It’s just in the corners of the flashing where the flashing folds over, but the bead is quite large. Maybe there is more that I cannot see as well.


I called the manufacturer, supposedly it’s made in Germany so I couldnt talk to the actual manufacturer but the US rep said two weeks. When I said it was over two weeks he said to give it 30 days. Is this really unusual for caulking to smell that long? This I don’t know as I’ve only ever used indoor caulking, not roofing/outdoor caulk.


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